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    Just a thought...

    It really is life or death for many of these young people. Walking a fine line between a life of success and a life of misery. Remember this young man. All but set to come to MN on scholarship with his cousin. Here he is now days...
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    Updated Ht-Wt and pictures on 2012 Roster

    Got some guys really filling out on the roster. Quite a few up over 300lbs now.
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    Caleb Leichtnam

    Remember the name. Safety, Rochester Community College, NJCAA Defensive Player of the Year. 39 tackles 20 interceptions and 422 Int yards this season. Played 9 man in SE MN. The kid has killed it at every position. Got some nasty moves and speed. Coach better...
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    Too much Drinking

    A study from the U. Drinking at pro sports events. 40% seemed low to me. If it would've been all football stadiums more than 40% would've been drinking... It depends who they asked too.
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    Leach To Maryland!

    Per Rivals: Don't some of you feel stupid :)
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    On a lighter note :)

    Lets play bowl game Pick um' Insight Bowl, Dec. 28: Iowa vs. Missouri - Mizzou (really depennds on what Iowa D shows up) Texas Bowl, Dec. 29: Illinois vs. Baylor - Baylor (gonna b close) TicketCity Bowl, Jan. 1: Northwestern vs. Texas Tech - Northwestern Gator Bowl Presented by 5-Hour...
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    haha omg you have got to be fu*king kidding me...we take jerry fu*king kill over other these other no we took jerry fu*king kill over mike leach! lol WOW... I hope they didn't pay that search firm a lot. This guy was lik 92nd on my "list" god take Sumlin, Golden, Mullen, LEACH!! whatev...
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    Let your voice be heard!

    Let Joel Maturi know how we feel! Leach and no less!!!! Send him your thoughts!!! [email protected]
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    FOX Alert: Brewster Fired
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    Hey we could be Notre Dame right now...

    ND Nation is imploding as we speak...they def don't have the censors that we do. Lots of colorful language from that bunch.
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    Roszell Gayden hope you love Auburn, AL!

    cuz you won't be playing anytime soon... Nice to see he passed on us for a 3rd string spot...very nice :cool02:
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    New Divisions Per ESPN

    I can live with this.
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    Watch the game online at and nm now the link doesn't work...
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    I'M so F-ing sick of this!!!!!!!!!!! Where are we now ???

    Well I guess we didn't see anything new today. play calling was iffy at best, penalties KILLED us, o-line played like sh*t, Weber inconsistent, D not getting pressure, to little to late. I cant stand another season of this crap how do you feel? where do we stand now?!?!?

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