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    Former Timberwolf Felton Spencer has died

    The year he was signed I saw him at a discount store in Minneapolis, around early December. He was the first NBA player I was seeing in person. Being a foreign undergrad student at the U, I didn't know whether I could approach him to say hi. More importantly, I was disappointed that he was...
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    Cool picture from Tanner Morgan’s freshman year

    Ser Tanner House of Pioneer!!
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    Week 4 Other Games Thread

    In the mid 90s Rutgers was up for a bowl bid...Syracuse was in the same division/league (whatever)... Rutgers lost....Syracuse QB " the only bowl Rutgers is going the one I got off."
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    Coach Fleck/team celebration in locker room (video)

    Were his shoes stolen again? 😀
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    I know this is not within the context of this thread... But... Rutgers University was up for a bowl slot until they lost to Syracuse... Syracuse QB said ' the only bowl they are going to is the one I got off.'
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    To all who celebrate this day

    ...and then he says "these are not the droids you are looking for...harrumph...I was benched because of that!"
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    Week 9 Other Games Thread

    Or just backwards among winners
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    Week 9 Other Games Thread

    It is contagious in 4 letter schools!
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    11:00 For Illinois

    Yes...I have been watching those!! Thanks
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    11:00 For Illinois

    At my age and time zone 1:00 am games zap me for the next two days!! So happy for what turns out to be a 9:30 pm show!! Would anyone know why we are not getting the 1 hour game (without breaks etc) reposts on YouTube? Thanks
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    Gophers Crush Maryland: Post-Game Reaction Thread

    I agree!! Not a late father actually knew Murray while at the U in the early 60s!! I suffered through Gutey etc late 80s early 90s. If my son, as is the plan, goes to the would be the 3rd generation! So perhaps more a fanatic :)
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    Gophers Crush Maryland: Post-Game Reaction Thread

    I think, knowing very little about football, the the bowling green loss might be a blessing in disguise. Maybe I am justifying, with maroon glasses, but it feels like we are not taking anything for granted! Yesterday's game got over at 4:30 am in my time zone.... enjoying the ride!!
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    Week 8 Other Games Thread

    Is it wrong to want Bret to win?
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    In the summer 1991 I was doing the touristy thing in Colorado. As a foreign student, back in my home country now, my knowledge of football then, as is now, was sketchy!! So when we were in Denver...I insisted to our group that we should go to Boulder. This was in June and i saw their sunken...
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    Gophers in other countries!

    I have spent today looking at seasons4u (thank you MGGopher)...pirate stream's are what I am dependent on otherwise!
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    Gophers in other countries!

    Thank you! For all the hospitality I have received in Minnesota...if ever any of you are in the the south of let me pay it forward!
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    Gophers in other countries!

    Hi I usually get a good stream going by the 2nd or 3rd game. This year, not to end up hearing it on radio, does anyone have a good streaming site? Does a paid subscription for YouTube, with VPN, allow us to see it? Are there any paid sites I could access, not living in the US? Thank you

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