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  1. TurfGopher

    Steven Ortiz

    eek thats one of if not the worst D1 program this year. Has MN had poor luck with 4 star players? Jeff Jones is the first one that comes to mind.
  2. TurfGopher

    St Thomas DI hockey?

    UST football is the only sport of which they are not going all in. Pioneer league is "d1" non scholarship football. Most of the other teams only have football teams because they wanted to compete D1 level for a different sport. Dayton, Davidson, Valpo, etc.. all have notable basketball teams...
  3. TurfGopher

    Chet Holmgren says he'll be the best player in the NBA in 2 months

    I think he is trying to portray bravado ahead of the draft. Cant let them get any whiffs of lack of confidence to be drafted #1. Chet could be a great pro if he can put on some weight, I'm not confident he will be able to do that. Dude looks like a stick bug.
  4. TurfGopher

    Spartans Wire: Projecting best- and worst-case scenarios for every Big Ten team in 2022

    I definitely see us winning @Neb and 1 of @UW, @PSU, @MSU. Unfortunately Bowling Green is still in my mind so I wont rule out dropping one to a lesser opponent.
  5. TurfGopher

    Coach Fleck’s New Look

    I really want to but PJ seems (to me) like the kind of guy who would get elective cosmetic surgery. He's on TV all the time and very image conscious. He seems to be very progressive in his fashion sense and new age motivational management schtick. The medical need for the eyelid tuck seems dubious.
  6. TurfGopher

    Future (financially) of MLB?

    I think many people just don't have the attention span for baseball anymore. Going to any pro sports event is becoming increasingly unaffordable for your average family nowadays. MLB certainly is not growing its audience.
  7. TurfGopher

    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Anthony Edwards is a great marketing tool for Minneapolis!
  8. TurfGopher

    Coach Fleck’s New Look

    Nearly every middle aged man wants to prevent or reverse hair loss, PJ dove in right away to the chrome dome look. He is basically in show business and he must feel that his looks are important for him to row the boat. I don't think I have heard of a football coach getting cosmetic surgery...
  9. TurfGopher

    World Cup Qualifiers

    I felt bad for Reyna when Pefok whiffed hard. Cant believe im saying this..I miss Jozy Altidore.
  10. TurfGopher

    Frost Melt - all things 2022 Nebraska implosion thread

    The abysmal state of the Scott Frost regime is quite satisfying
  11. TurfGopher

    St. Thomas Looking to Buy T&C for New Arena

    UST tends to cut a lot off the sticker price for good students but they also require you live on campus for two years, which is a lot of extra dough
  12. TurfGopher

    St. Thomas Looking to Buy T&C for New Arena

    I think the T&C offer was kind of a longshot PR move. It was very radical and in response plan B will come off as much more reasonable to the public. That said, Having large events at Montreal and Cleveland would be a traffic nightmare the way it is now. I think UST is making a big mistake...
  13. TurfGopher

    Artificial Turf

    That Pentair system didn't work for at least the first two years the stadium was open (I worked there)
  14. TurfGopher

    Big Ten Network - Helpful Recruiting

    people really gas up Ben Johnson but the W column in the standings is what the kids pay attention to.
  15. TurfGopher

    Artificial Turf

    Allianz field in Saint Paul is natural grass. They roll out Led lights on wheels and there is a heating system underground. They do the same thing in Green Bay. It could be done anywhere. Just requires more employees and a higher water bill. A lot of times Corporations donate equipment in order...
  16. TurfGopher

    Closing of the Uptown Theatre and Edina Cinema

    I saw Blair Witch Project midnight showing there also, A Serious Man The Room I saw tons of movies at Edina as well. I had the short lived "movie pass" that eventually only worked at Landmark theaters and I would go to 2 movies a week at those theaters.

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