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    Video of Gopher Championship Seasons ?

    I was at every single one of those home games. The crowd noise was deafening and you can hear it in this recap. The craziest game was when we erased the 7 point deficit with 58 seconds left at Assembly Hall, against Bobby Knight's squad.
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    Treyton Thompson... Deceiving?

    Agree, and Ramberg would have around 40 offensive rebounds, putting Jordan Murphy to shame.
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    Can someone smarter than me explain what our identity is or what strengths we have?

    I agree with much of this. Dawson would be much better if surrounded by scorers. Battle would much more dangerous with a point guard able to create chaos off the dribble, so he can stand and fire on kick outs, he's not great at creating shots. Identity is something you find after gelling as...
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    Depaul Gameday Thread

    If Battle plays tonight I think we win. I think his surgery was just over 3 weeks ago, so was wondering if he might be close to ready.
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    Depaul Gameday Thread

    Stan might be hungover from Vikings big W yesterday. Game on in just over 4 hours so wanted to hear people's thoughts on the game
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    Depaul Gameday Thread

    First big test of the year. First one televised on BTN for the year. Anybody know if Carrington or Battle will be available? We are going to need to tighten up the Defense to win this one. 5 hours till game time.
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    Tanner and Athan Article

    Tanner thrives in a clean pocket and when receivers get separation. He is extremely accurate. Clean pocket and receivers getting open are not happening right now, so Athan is way better for us at this time. Athan makes the DE honest with longer throws and keepers. He can also roll with a...
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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Both of our studs signed yesterday. We're fortunate - seems like Ben is genuine, which I think leads these kids to be convicted. I scanned the Rivals top 150 this morning and a large number of verbal commits did not sign yesterday. We have the #20 class in the nation according to rivals. 4th...
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    BTN Plus production is dreadful. They keep cutting away from live action to show replays. They have to stop. They should be paying me $9.99 per month to stomach this. Team does not look good. Poor defense and poor rebounding. Offense stagnant. Cooper looks good but we have no backup ball...
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    Big Ten Week 11 Games Cheering Thread

    Next week we obviously route for Purdue to beat Illinois. But, we have to pick Badgers or Hawkeyes. Does anyone have it in them to hope that one of those teams win? What about a scoreless tie with lots of injuries and suspensions from a massive brawl? I think I gotta go Hawkeyes since we...
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    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Damn Taylor looks smooth and fast. Here are his first 7 weeks highlights.
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    Purdue injury update

    You don't know that. There are injuries that put someone at greater risk of additional injury, and those that do not. Concussion and unstable ligaments are examples of injuries where the outcome is even worse if there is an additional injury. Deep muscle bruise or rib contusion might just...
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    Getting Something That’s 5 lbs?

    I have 3 guesses: A dead skunk (smallish one) Lifesize PJ fleck cardboard cutout Ticket package with swag to the Rose Bowl
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    Sign up for the Brian Kelly Coaching Clinic today!

    Maybe we should nominate Scott Frost to go
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    It all comes down to Wright.

    Receivers, I feel are fine whether or not Wright has a big year. This season more likely hinges on the retooled O line. Tanner is not mobile. If he has no time we could have the Vikings receivers and it would not matter. Dominate Oline establishes run, sets up pass and gives enough time for...
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    Souhan: With early results in, let's declare Ben Johnson a winning hire for Gophers; I do not miss Richard Pitino pouty face and childish foot stomps

    Clueless Souhan. I'm obviously ecstatic at the start, thus far. But a winning hire is not decided after 10 games. Need to see a few things to consider it a winning hire: Great recruiting classes Finish in top 1/3 of big ten for a few years NCAA tourney births annually Consistently beat...

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