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    Visit with Bryant grad transfer G Charles Pride

    Yep saw him at the wolves game with Garcia and Ihnen. Dawson was nice enough to have his picture taken with my two young sons.
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    I’ll be there and I’m bringing 6 other Gopher fans.
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    2022-2023 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    I’m glad Pitino is finding success at New Mexico. They are a fun team to watch and root for.
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    Alcorn State game canceled

    I’m disappointed because my son was gonna be a court kid. It stinks.
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    All Things Former Gophers Thread

    Richard and the lobos crack the AP top 25 checking in at #22. First time the lobos have been ranked since 2014.
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    Luke needs your help

    Luke was a great addition to this past years team and I loved rooting for him on the basketball court, but this is just wrong.
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    Gophers/OSU Tickets 1/27

    I am selling 3 in section 105 row 23 seats 12-14
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    Amir Coffey getting more PT

    29pts 5 reb in 116-115 win tonight
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    Pitino thus far 6-4 at New Mexico

    Lost to UTEP today, Mash 1-12, 2 pts.
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    Season ticket holder upgrade process

    The ticket representative called me back to tell me it was up and running again but yes I agree not much to choose from for me to make an improvement.
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    Season ticket holder upgrade process

    I just talked to Gopher representative and the ticketing system is down
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    Turgeon Schooled RP

    Whole lotta love
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    Contest: Predict the Final Regular Season Record - Time to Put it on the Record

    20-6 21-6 with Nebraska game 23-7 going into big dance 26-8 losing in elite eight
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    Pitino is 6-6 vs Iowa, 5-4 when giving up 75+ 1-2 when holding them to 74 and under.

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