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  1. Gopher028

    2022 Mr. Football MN-Cade Osterman Commits as PWO

    Good pick up for the Gophers. But F that Elk River offense.... when your alma mater puts 70 points on the Elks but still lose by 10 hahaha
  2. Gopher028

    All Things Mitch Leidner

    I want a Bryan Cupito thread.... ....but i'm not starting it.
  3. Gopher028

    Ranking B1G Home Uniforms

    Black or Anthracite >>> Full banana
  4. Gopher028

    No thread - please delete

    This thread has entered the transfer portal. need to start a new thread about this thread entering the portal, it's been posted.
  5. Gopher028

    Tanner Morgan leads first scoring drive in Hula Bowl

    Hawaii currently doesn't have a stadium worthy of hosting. The old stadium where they hosted the pro bowl for many years is condemned and the hawaii bowl and warrior games are currently hosted at a track like stadium, of sorts... (edit) I know there are previous posts... but I added visual...
  6. Gopher028

    Tanner Morgan appreciation thread

    Cant wait for this gentleman to become one of our coaches someday. Go take a shot at the pros young man, then when you're ready, continue to ROW THAT BOAT!
  7. Gopher028

    Bowl take aways

    Howden struggled his whole career here in coverage and tackling angles...
  8. Gopher028

    Big Ten owes Gopher players an apology

    Part of the reason why I hate this venue, and the one they played at last year. Same crappy slipping and sliding conditions. Trash baseball field not catered to football. Bowl games should be played at football stadiums, not playing cutesy having them at MLB parks. Bowl game in New York in...
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  10. Gopher028

    De'vondre Campbell with a huge pick on Christmas Day

    NFL Brasil loves the packers, but I turned all my brazilian familia into VIKINGS fans. They rock purple and gold in Goias
  11. Gopher028

    Tweet: NYC bowl game, band gets 1 night housing then late flight home, arriving 2am to MN winter & closed dorms. The level of CHEAP is mind boggling.

    In essence, get rid of the Pintstripe bowl. It was a lousy idea anyway and the sight lines playing at frozen yankee stadium from home plate to center field suck anyway. IF they're gonna have a bowl in the NYC area, have it at Metlife Stadium in Jersey, better hotel options and an actual...
  12. Gopher028

    Vikings game

  13. Gopher028

    Sound off- What signed recruit are you most excited about?

    I'll start: Kenric Lanier. Loved his tape. Size and speed, pretty decent hands.
  14. Gopher028

    Vikings game

    * TWICE
  15. Gopher028

    Aidan O'Connell, Charlie Jones, Payne Durham and cb Trice all opting out of Orlando Bowl vs LSU

    It's settled, send Purdon't to NYC and we'll saddle up for LSU.
  16. Gopher028

    Greatest Gopher Collapses at Metrodome

    These two for me.. Thanks to the OP for tapping on my football PTSD.
  17. Gopher028

    Moderately OT: Vikings doing white out game

    Just gotta dust off my white Favre jersey from 13 years ago...

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