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  1. denguegopher

    Jide Abasiri commits!!!

    Surely got potential. How is he as a pass rusher?
  2. denguegopher

    Keenan Cooper

    I guess there's a chance that Cooper might coach a little bit part-time. That seems to be how things work at D-III schools. Say Urbandale, I don't think that Wartburg needs to worry about Luther for at least a couple of years. Didn't the Knights have a 51-0 half-time lead last year? Things can...
  3. denguegopher

    Keenan Cooper

    I just read that the former Gopher is no longer on the coaching staff at Luther College. He has apparently taken a job in Luther's Office of Development. Perhaps he'll phone me requesting a donation. I give to Luther but they won't get rich off of me. Good luck to Keenan in his new job.
  4. denguegopher

    DL Riley Sunram Commits!

    I hope that Riley Sunram can pass rush similar to Karon Riley. Karon is by far our sack leader and he only played in Dinkytown for two years. I have been hoping for a pass rusher for a long time.
  5. denguegopher

    U names Ettinger interim president

    I think that Austin people call it "Hor mels."
  6. denguegopher

    QB S2 Cognition test scores leaked, CJ Stroud only in the 18th percentile

    I'm skeptical about that, and also about the relationship between those scores and ultimate NFL productivity/success.
  7. denguegopher

    New Clock Rule Passed

    -Anyone else that Colorado State game (not sure of the year but it was early in Kill' regime). There were a ton of video reviews. The refs could not make a decision and the delays all seemed to be a minimum of five minutes. Is there now a rule about how long the refs have to make a decision...
  8. denguegopher


    Vereen has a future as an announcer. The move by Evans was impressive. Was that Coleman Bryson who he made look slow? In Bryson's defense tackling a very good athlete in the open field is a tall order.
  9. denguegopher

    STrib: Charge: Armed retired firefighter attacks, hurls racial slur at former Gophers running back, Tellis Redmon

    First: I hope that Tellis Redmon is doing well. Second: Mason could blow a lead like few others... I remember hoping that we would not get out to big early leads because we all knew what was coming.
  10. denguegopher

    All Things Gophers at North Carolina Road Game Thread (Tips for Flights, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Game Tickets & More)

    Well, I have now contacted by Chapel Hill buddy. He was all fired up to have guests for the game, although he said that he has never planned anything 5 months ahead in his entire life. His wife however can be a bit humorless (she's a tough German from Pierz, MN), so my Gopher travel friend and I...
  11. denguegopher

    🏒 🏒 🏒 HOCKEY 🏒 🏒 🏒

    Agree with the first sentence. Mostly agree with the second sentence. Although PJ is conservative, Mason repeatedly lost games with atrociously conservative playcalling. I don't think that PJ should be paired with Mason on the error of "playing not to lose," yet.
  12. denguegopher

    ‘We Had It’: Gophers Fall In Heartbreak Fashion To Quinnipiac In The National Championship

    Reminded me of Glen Mason's teams strategy at holding a lead...
  13. denguegopher


    That and whatever Motzko said to the team before the OT really got them ready to play/s.
  14. denguegopher


    Let's disappoint these announcers and win.
  15. denguegopher


    I'm glad that there is a break. Let's establish some offense from the start.
  16. denguegopher


    Going into a shell was obviously a mistake. Crank up the offense!
  17. denguegopher

    Open Spring Practice info?

    Am I correct to think that Daniel Jackson did not get hurt on the big/questionable hit by Nubin?
  18. denguegopher

    Cam Wiley

    Oooops. I'll learn to proofread eventually.
  19. denguegopher

    Cam Wiley

    Was at a fast food place today and the young man behind the counter notices my Gophers hat and asks me if I like that team. His best friend is Cam Wiley. He reported that Cam is doing well in Akron and left Minnesota because he thought that he would have a better shot at the NFL if he could get...

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