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  1. gopherluv

    FCS Championship game is going on KSTP Channel 5 Twin Cities at 11:00 AM

    I hear what you're saying, but football is such a money pit. Maybe UST could become a lower level Marquette in basketball.
  2. gopherluv

    FCS Championship game is going on KSTP Channel 5 Twin Cities at 11:00 AM

    UST should drop football and focus their efforts on building a basketball program.
  3. gopherluv

    FCS Championship game is going on KSTP Channel 5 Twin Cities at 11:00 AM

    FCS football is a money loser. All individual sports at NDSU (and UND) lose money. Here's an 2017 article from the Bismarck Tribune. All individual sports at NDSU, UND lose money
  4. gopherluv

    Stadium Expansion

    There's no question that Williams Arena is a detriment to Gopher Basketball recruiting. The place is a dump. Yeah, I know, but it's our dump. Time to move on ...
  5. gopherluv

    Stadium Expansion

    The stadium is fine as-is. The university should be ready to build in 10 years if there's a demand.
  6. gopherluv

    Great Job Gopher Fans

    Fair enough. In retrospect I should have been more tactful in expressing my frustrations with our marching band.
  7. gopherluv

    Great Job Gopher Fans

    I'm glad you're happy with the product. I appreciate it's not easy and requires a lot of dedication. I just wish the product was better.
  8. gopherluv

    Outback Bowl ESPN SEC Bias Coverage

    The Auburn color guard gals are lovely
  9. gopherluv

    Great Job Gopher Fans

    We sit directly across the field from the band at The Bank, and we can barely hear them during the game. The band is a fun loving group of volunteers, but the university needs to address the poor quality of our marching band. They are bad at marching, mostly because they're always goofing around...
  10. gopherluv

    Reports: Minnesota Crookston, St. Cloud State to drop football

    My neighbors and I were just talking about this, and we came to the conclusion that a lot of the generalizations are based on internet rumors and "fake news" (sorry). In 30 years I've never seen a confederate flag flying in town.. I've seen a few confederate bumper stickers on jacked up trucks...
  11. gopherluv

    Updated Tickets Sold Count

    Open bar, food, entertainment, rest rooms ... I see a premium there.
  12. gopherluv

    Updated Tickets Sold Count

    Exactly!! Following a winner is expensive.
  13. gopherluv

    TCF Seating

    How comfortable are the chairbacks? Width, legroom, etc... Same question for the bleacher seating. Was there plenty of space between the numbers?
  14. gopherluv

    Free Insight Bowl Webcast

    Get over to this channel for the free webcast and start chatting. No registration required.
  15. gopherluv

    Insight Bowl Tickets Nearly Gone! Tickets for the Dec. 31 Insight Bowl at Arizona State University's Sun Devil Stadium are almost gone, and organizers say this year's sales have far exceeded record ticket sales for the event. Fiesta Bowl/Insight Bowl...
  16. gopherluv

    Insight Bowl Ticket Sales

    48,500 is the largest crowd ever for the Insight Bow. As of today they've sold more than 50,000. On the MB, a KU fans said they travel fairly well. (20k to the Fort Worth Bowl) Whats the over/under for...

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