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  1. goldenboy

    Gopher Coaching Staff Questions

    Not sure it was the coach that turned him down or the administration that wouldn’t approve the hire, but the coach from Texas (can’t remember if it was Tech or A&M) who was expected to bring a couple good players with him disappeared without a trace. My impression at the time was that building...
  2. goldenboy

    8,699 NCAA football players entered the portal between Aug. 1, 2022, and May 1, 2023

    I don’t know about football, but approximately 10% of the basketball portal jumpers last year were left without a team when the music stopped (if the 24/7 listing was kept up to date—and I believe it was) as I counted them up to satisfy my curiosity. Not going to go through the FB list (just too...
  3. goldenboy

    Big Ten Basketball: Early grades for each teams 2023 offseason moves (14. Minnesota Golden Gophers – Grade: F)

    Very well could be true, but it’s always hard to take a writer seriously when they can’t even get players’ names right.
  4. goldenboy

    Visit with Howard transfer G Elijah Hawkins

    If this kid is anything like DeAndre Mathieu, we could see the Gophers increase their pace of play significantly. Mathieu was often a one man fast break as he could beat everybody down the floor.
  5. goldenboy

    Elijah Hawkins Commits to Gophers!

    Great to add another guard. Hope the staff is still working hard for a sharp-shooting big wing.
  6. goldenboy

    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    You’d have to play mono on mono defense.
  7. goldenboy

    2023 Over/Under From Draft Kings

    Don’t think so. We’re automatic W in bowls.
  8. goldenboy

    Visit with Montana St. transfer G Darius Brown II

    Just imagine how bad things would be if Johnson wasn’t “blow you away” good at recruiting!
  9. goldenboy

    Parting ways

    Hard to tell these days.
  10. goldenboy

    Deion Sanders Replaces Mike Sanford as Head Coach at Colorado | Tim Brewster Likely Lead Assistant

    Watching Colorado FB this year will be like watching your crazy-ass neighbor stacking all kinds of shaky crap into an unstable base upon which he places the bottom of an extension ladder so it will reach the highest part of a tree that needs to have a broken branch cut off. The pile shifts and...
  11. goldenboy

    Gophers in CSUF G transfer Latrell Wrightsell Jr. top 3

    I guess it was a commitable offer after all.
  12. goldenboy

    Big Ten Quarterbacks 2023 (10. Minnesota Golden Gophers, Starter: Athan Kaliakmanis)

    I’d say AK’s more likely to be a top 5 B1G QB than a bottom 5.
  13. goldenboy

    The U on Pharrel Payne: He’s just getting started. 📈

    I’d take 12 and 8, as long as he doesn’t routinely foul out while giving us ~30 min/game. A couple blocks and a few assists per game would also help.
  14. goldenboy

    "It definitely is surprising," Jackson McAndrew on not receiving Gophers' offer

    Teuly not trying to be a dink, but U’m curious about this notion of a “non-commitable offer.” I guess I could see very early offers being non-commitable if the recruit is an 8th or 9th-grader and isn’t in a position to commit. But if a recruit is a junior or senior and is offered, how would a...
  15. goldenboy

    Jack Wilson commits

    Just wait and see, m’boy. I can appreciate your snark, but it could actually play out that way! I’d say the odds are pretty good (based on the past two years) that at least one scholie goes to a walk-on.
  16. goldenboy

    Jack Wilson commits

    Practicing against a big sloth like Wilson isn’t going to help Payne stay out of foul trouble when he has to guard talented bigs with offensive skills in real games. This smells worse than Danny Ogele or Charlie Daniels and may be the new recruiting low for Johnson’s regime.
  17. goldenboy

    Jamison Battle heading to Ohio State?

    Battle was not our best shooter. He was our most “willing” shooter (kindest way to phrase it that I could come up with). Jamison is a gunner, but he’s not efficient enough, even in catch and shoot situations. When he has to put the ball on the floor to create his own shot he’s even worse.
  18. goldenboy

    Gophers in N Alabama transfer Daniel Ortiz top 6

    Me, on 24/7s Transfer Portal site: Search for PGs 4-Stars…Taran Armstrong, Caleb Love, about 15-20 others… 3-Stars….Omar Sylvario, Noah Fernandez, about 45 others… 2-Stars…hmmm, no PGs… No Stars…Jayden Nunn, KJ Jenkins, about 15 others… No Daniel Ortiz. That can’t be good. Maybe he’s considered...
  19. goldenboy

    Cooper and Battle

    Ahh.. hadn’t heard Battle had graduated. I suppose it could be true for Cooper, as well.
  20. goldenboy

    Cooper and Battle

    So, I’m still unclear how Cooper and Battle (both 2-time transfers) expect to be eligible to play next year. Anyone have an idea?

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