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  1. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    NCAA suspends DII coach because 2 players lit cigars

  2. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Jide Abasiri commits!!!

    I propose CFB introduce the XFL scramble!
  3. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Jide Abasiri commits!!!

    How do you pronounce his first name?
  4. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    WR Dallas Sims commits

    If all else fails we show him Little Canada 🇨🇦
  5. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    NCAA suspends DII coach because 2 players lit cigars

    Georgia handed out cash in front of cameras when it wasn’t allowed… nothing. But this?
  6. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Trill Carter in the portal

    Obviously you gotta keep your cool but a disagreement with that other dork seems… very understandable.
  7. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    CBS: Inside the chaotic transfer portal recruiting process consuming the college football offseason

    Does that apply to other things? Should it apply to my job? That would suck.... College football players are already restricted on how often they can transfer more than I am. "hey that's life" and these kind of arguments all just seem like selfish fan ideas made to serve them rather than "life".
  8. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Dodd: College football attendance rose in 2022 with largest year-over-year increase since 1982

    Every fall I feel like I’m frothing to get back to a game like it has been forever… I am now…
  9. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Corey Smith commits

    Does anyone here speak jive?!?!?
  10. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Nick Saban suspends player and takes a giant dump on the Alabama Basketball coach

    Certainly. I’ll still give him a high five on this one.
  11. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Corey Smith commits

    Going to have to tell that guy you know that he is the excess Corey Smith and he's out ...
  12. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Spring Camp Press Conference

    This was a really good press conference. I encourage everyone to listen to it. God knows this forum is often filled with folks asking questions that they could answer on their own or get some good insight from what PJ says in these conferences.
  13. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Spring Camp Press Conference

    I can warm any bench required!
  14. A_Slab_of_Bacon

    Dylan Wright no longer with team

    Eh, possibly… Even PJ said that they haven’t seen these guys “play football” yet. Arguably Wright might have helped burry some guys when he transferred, didn’t seem to do that much.

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