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    Caledonia native Eli King in portal from Iowa State

    Wonder if that's why he's transferring?
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    MN High School players in the Tourney?

    Dain Dainja- Illinois, Park Center Gabe Kalscheur- Iowa State, DeLasalle Race Thompson- Indiana, Robbinsdale Armstrong Tre Holloman- Michigan State, CDHall Robert Jones- Iowa State, Prior Lake Eli King- Iowa State, Caledonia Demarion Watson- Iowa State, Totino Grace Calvin Wishart- California...
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    All Things Former Gophers Thread

    Pitino always starts out hot and then........
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    “Mark Coyle did an awesome job, hiring the right guy,” Parker Fox on Ben Johson

    I'm still shocked he couldn't dribble, every time he got on the court it was so bad.
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Looks like WIll Wade has already landed two players who used to be at Cincinati. McNeese will be their third school.
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    All Things 2022-2023 College Basketball Coach Hire/Fire Thread

    Holtman has really underperformed at Ohio State. Wonder what this means for Taison
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Former Gophers legend Kenny Pohto has entered the portal.
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    Which Gophers will transfer?

    Was happy TT wanted to play here and seems like he still wants to be a Gopher? Wouldn't be surprised if he stays with no Evans. That being said, TT looked bad at La Lumiere and bad here. He can go play in the summitt league.
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    Which Gophers will transfer?

    Coaches can have a player send a direct message on instagram.. or during a game or postgame.. it happens unfortunately.
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    SI: The Gophers appear to be building something special for next season

    Great point, HF looks a lot better this year after they got that Edina transfer who just put up 44 points and a school record for HF.
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    All Things 2024 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread - Videos, Tweets, Articles, Rumors, Analysis and More

    Wayzata's Jackson McAndrew has offers from St. Thomas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Creighton. Are we following this guy at all?
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    Dennis Evans moves to number 11 Nationally on Rivals

    Do you have a source? First we are hearing about this.
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    What does the future look like for TT?

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