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    Who should be our next Coach?

    Muss. And that's all I've got to say about that.
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    Time to add Grand Canyon to your CBB bucket list

    Just to piggy-back on the comment about the U being out of touch with today's fanbase, and not really trying very hard to create the "experience." During the pre-game player introductions, they play an NBA-style video, trying to remind us that the U has a huge, long-standing tradition of...
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    Dennis Evans moves to number 11 Nationally on Rivals

    Henley will be a player. Neither of the Hollins knocked it out of the park as freshman. Very few guys do. Main jump to D-1 is defense. Nobody pushes young studs to play D in high school. It's a big adjustment, often very discouraging. My take is that Henley will be ok.
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    All Things Isaac Asuma Recruitment Thread (Class of 2024, Minnesota's Top In-State Target)

    Asuma might not the kind of kid who wants to put up grandiose numbers. He definitely could. I think he (and his coach) might be satisfied if he gets 16 pts., 10 assists, and a dozen boards. my two cents.
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    Player & Team Grades after 4 games

    I don't think it's one or the other (race-horse or slow, deliberate pace). In the past, when the team walked the ball up the court (read Carr), the defense is always set, anticipating the first screen and pass to the wing. I really hate it when we're watching the point back into the offense near...
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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    auto-correct has become my worst enema!
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    Tuesday's Practice

    Did not see Cooper at 1 in any of the sets, but that doesn't mean anything. Crowd asked Ben about his current starting lineup, and he laughed. Said the only for-sures were probably Battle and Garcia.
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    Tuesday's Practice

    I don't think the zone drills were an indication that it's going to play a major role in their game. It looked more like - "We're going to throw it in once in a while, so we better be good at it." Treyton looks stronger, but definitely doesn't looked ripped. He IS moving better. Runs the...
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    Tuesday's Practice

    We attended yesterday's practice at the Barn, and got a glimpse of Ben's new team. All in attendance were there using one of their Loyalty Program perks. Summary of observations: Love the new floor. Not as dark as the original, but feels more like the Barn. The practice was 95% drills. No...
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    All Things Nolan Winter Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Offered, Son of Trevor)

    Maybe he’s waiting for the Evans visit? Might be a nice splash to have both announce !
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    All Things 2024 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread - Videos, Tweets, Articles, Rumors, Analysis and More

    there are 3 brothers on the team; 7th, 8th, and 10th graders. At one point in the state tournament this year, they were all on the court at the same time. Very cool. Isaac is a player! Word at the tourney was that one of the younger ones has the most potential. Scary.
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    All Things 2024 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread - Videos, Tweets, Articles, Rumors, Analysis and More

    Saw Isaac play in the state tourney. He definitely has Gretzky eyes on the game, fully aware of where everyone is and anticipates the game as it unfolds. Very nice player indeed. Love to see him in maroon and gold.
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    Ads freezing computer on linux/firefox

    My GopherHole screen is still full of ads. Paid the $100 Monday, the 18th. Any ideas?
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    Ads ruining Gopherhole

    I totally agree with Gophers_4life. The ads are way beyond annoying. I paid the $100 donation so that the ads would be removed. How long will it take to have the ads disappear?
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    What BADger Chants Should we Get Going on Wednesday ???

    I still like "CALL TIME OUT! CALL TIME OUT!"
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    College Basketball 2021-2022 Thread

    I remember hearing that John Wooden once told a ref -“You know, basketball is a non-contact sport.” Strong words from the Wizard of Westwood.
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    If Curry starts and picks up a couple of quick fouls, it changes the whole game. Then he sits the rest of the half. I like the choice to start Daniel’s. Normally, Idey plays the first 8 minutes and then sits. In a perfect world, Curry comes in when Idey gets his first rest.

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