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    Bishop in the transfer portal

    What a racket the portal is. Now we look to the portal to find two new guys? Ridiculous.
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    Potts and MBS in portal

    They will not be missed.
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    Gophers open as 8 point favorites against Nebraska

    I would tone down the bragging just a bit. This will be a tough game and Nebraska will be better and will come in hot.
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    Big Ten football: Projected regular-season win totals for every team in 2023 (Minnesota: Projected preseason win total: 7.5)

    When will the prediction be 10 wins? Not sure how 8 wins every year will be good enough for the price tag fleck has. At some point it should be reloads, not rebuild. We seem to perform the same no matter the schedule. 8 wins again?
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    Brian Ferentz contract restructured. Iowa aiming high.

    Maybe, but that is why it is embarrassing when we cannot compete with them. They beat us every year and it won't stop any time soon.
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    Early Big Ten Football Predictions for 2023 (Big Ten West: 3. Minnesota)

    Too many transfers. If you want success, it is still development and building a core. Sprinkle in a guy here and there. Not going to build success with the NIL and transfers. Hope they get more going.
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    Warren suggests Divisions could be gone when USC/UCLA join

    Basketball in L.A.? That is a way to kill the event. It most definitely be central as possible to all teams.
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    All Things Mitch Leidner

    Might want to check out his stats. He was decent and at time pretty good. Never terrible.
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    16 of the last 17 college football national champions have come from inside this red oval.

    This will never change. The red oval is rock solid for decades which is why talking about winning a national championship here is senseless. It is not possible.
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    Brewster and Colorado

    Colorado better check the tracks and tune those steel wheels, this has all the markings of a derailment. Brewster is an idiot and Prime time could be reruns real easy.
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    Florida Gator QB signee wants release after $13MM NIL deal falls through

    Only if there was a contract. The kid has zero without a contract. There is more to the story yet to be revealed. Not sure how an NIL is promised before enrolling in school.
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    Big Ten Reset: Key offseason storylines for Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and more (MN: Trending: Down. A retooling year awaits for Fleck)

    A worse record would be going backwards. At some point you need to at least match the mediocre record and work to be better the next year. Michigan may not be as good as we think, OSU will be but other than that, NC will be a good matchup. I expect a better than this year record at this point...
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    Minnesota Football: Grading the 2022 Season.

    I was grading the season minus the post season. If we would have made the BIG, I would have included that and been in the A range. Beating Syracuse for our 9th win was great but not exactly epic. We have not arrived anywhere yet. Still losing to our rivals even though they are bad. "arrival"...
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    Minnesota Football: Grading the 2022 Season.

    I have thrown out Wisconsin and Iowa because with the exception of a decade or two, we don't beat those teams so given the rest of the schedule, C at best. beating Purdue would have gone with a B

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