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    All scholarships in B1G are 4 years unless due to grades or legal issues.
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    Gopher softball 2023

    Rain in the forecast here this wknd. We'll see how many games they get in.
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    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    Uh no. More like "hey I need a backup plan since this idiot Kliavkov has screwed everything up so bad that we may need to move." And there is a reason George isn't allowed to talk to the media anymore. Also a reason why the presidents felt the need to come out and speak to "solidarity"...
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    Nick Saban suspends player and takes a giant dump on the Alabama Basketball coach

    I was thinking the characters in Grown Ups. Or King of the Hill.
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    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    He also admitted talking to the Big 12.
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    All Things Maddyn Greenway Recruitment Thread (Class of 2026, Gophers Offered)

    But rarely ever followed. Players don't care.
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    Nick Saban suspends player and takes a giant dump on the Alabama Basketball coach

    Does that mean I need to stop hanging around here with you guys?
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    What Ben Johnson can learn from NCAA Tournament

    We have a Men's BB team with no dudes.
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    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    Except when they talk out both sides of their ass.
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    Gopher softball 2023

    I like that Piper has shown a willingness to use multiple pitchers in a game this year. I've never understood why coaches think they need to stick with a starter until it's too late. Change of pace is a real thing and can get you a few more wins in a season. Also provides your #1 a little...
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    Gopher softball 2023

    And we've gotten some positive performances out of some other pitchers. So we have "some" depth.
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    As he better be trying to do better than his past history, Ben should look to pull something out of a different spot than his hat.
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    Dawn Plitzuweit Named New Gopher Head Coach!

    We've seen how going on the cheap worked for the MBB. MN has done enough of that in my lifetime. And with the new tv contract kicking in now, money should no longer be of any concern. Can't believe we are arguing the smartness of paying a coach in the B1G a couple 100k more. Bout time we do...
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    A group of Gophers men’s and women’s basketball boosters are seeking $25,000 per member through Dec. 31 for NIL

    Unfortunately we've seen how little Shooter actually knows anything.
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    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    So you don't believe the stories of the B1G presidents wanting to grab Oregon and Wash but not Stanford and Cal like Warren wanted. And that they are waiting until Warren is out to send out those invites since Oregon and Wash have already asked for them?
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    Gopher softball 2023

    I've called for her change as well. Strelow with a big day is great to see. Now build on that and cut out the errors.
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    Coach to be named as soon as this weekend?

    Duffy's season just came to an end today so she's now available.
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    10 Gophers participating in Pro Day

    Heck, with a new regime and Dalvin Cook likely released the Vikes may take him. Probably a low round pick though.
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    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    Well considering they are within 14mths of the current deal ending, they would have to announce sooner rather than later. It's only complicated if they have to go on multiple formats, which clearly don't involve anyone other than possibly ESPN. So Amazon? And then how to get those formats to...
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    Yikes.....Georgia's Jalen Carter in big time trouble.

    In Chicago they're saying he fell right to where the Bears are now picking, 9th. Couldn't take him at 1 with that issue but 9th? Either that or Skoronski.

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