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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Interesting has a wide spectrum of possibilities. Could be Ben has been fired and Rick Pitino spurns St Johns for MN. Could be everyone is entering the transfer portal again. Could be Oscar Tshiebwe is coming back for another year and is taking his talents to Minneapolis. Good news only Roland... 😁
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    Final Field of 68 Projection: Last 4 In & First 4 Out Has ACC Flavor

    Great job as always this season. Can't wait to see Wisconsin announced for the NIT.
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    Tominaga has another year remaining, but yeah Griesel and Walker are definitely gone. Fun game. Definitely the most complete game the Gophers have played all year. Outside of a couple bad passes, Cooper was excellent. The team moved well tonight and he found them for wide open shots and dunks.
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    BREAKING!!!! Dennis Evans ask for release….

    There were plenty of reports early on that Evans was one of the rare highly ranked players that didn't really care about NIL. Now maybe he completely changed his mind about NIL, but there's absolutely the possibility that he's texting Henley and something is about to happen after the season...
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    Northwestern on a Roll

    Northwestern's play this year is even more impressive when you realize that three former players are getting major minutes at Duke, North Carolina, and Indiana. Northwestern also only added one transfer this year, and he's a backup center off the bench. Addition by subtraction.
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    Jeff Goodman on Pitino and Miles: Each had a really tough gig in BT, and now look at each spot. Those guys did as much as they could at those spots.

    If COVID didn't end the season a few years ago, he would've taken Rutgers to the NCAA tournament three years in a row. That's impressive, given that Rutgers has been one of the worst P6 teams during my lifetime.
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    UST got the 9th largest donation in the history of an NCAA school today!

    Kinda like how St Thomas fans are coming for Gopherhole.
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    Why are you even watching the Gophers if you can't even be happy about a win? Your consistent negativity, even in a win, is pretty telling...
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    Was firing Richard Pitino a panic move?

    Nope, not a panic move. Didn't get it done here. I have seen New Mexico play three times this year already, and there are small clues to suggest he's learning from past mistakes... 1) Guards are still ball-dominant, but nothing close to Gopher Marcus Carr ball-dominant. While House and...
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    The hustle has been great to see tonight! That has largely been missing so far this year.
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    Yuck: Adding more teams to March Madness among recommendations by NCAA transformation committee

    This would be a terrible decision. They can claim all they want that it's for the betterment of the student athletes, but this is all about money. The last four at-large teams already have big-time blemishes on their resumes, which is why those final spots are so hard to predict most years...
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    Marcus: St. Thomas already making its case as Minnesota's best Division I men's basketball team

    Does St Thomas not have its own fan site? Every time I go on GH there's a new thread/conversation about the Tommies. Build your own fan site or start a St Thomas thread in the Other Sports section on GH and talk about it there.
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    All Things Former Gophers Thread

    Actually, House was in the transfer portal and Pitino got him to commit to New Mexico. Pitino didn't get it done here, but I hope he does well at New Mexico.
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    Henley, my goodness... drives to the basket, defender gets in front, Battle is WIDE open on the opposite corner (which should be an easy pass), Henley doesn't even look and bricks a contested jumper. I still like his ceiling, but man, did he ever get any assists in high school?
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    My family has had season tickets since the 70s. And we have never missed a year.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I'm getting sick and tired of the loudest wannabe (keyboard) tough guys spitting out thread titles like this. We are all disappointed with the team so far this year, but maybe have a thread title that's a bit more respectful of the coaches and team?
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    All Things Former Gophers Thread

    I said this a month ago on another thread, but Pitino getting Allick from KC was a very underrated pick-up in the transfer portal. Good player.
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    PJ Fleck on beating Wisconsin after losing to Iowa: ...well we’ve beaten Wisconsin twice and you all wanted me fired last week.

    I'm disappointed by this quote from PJ, regardless of the manner in which it was spoken. For the most part, PJ has said the right things to the media since his tenure began, even if you aren't a fan of his culture rhetoric. He also claimed that Minnesota could be made into a Big Ten contender...
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    2022 Big Ten/ACC Challenge Predictions and Game Threads

    One of the many dominos to fall because of the new TV deals. This has been a huge college basketball event for such a long time, and it's depressing to see it go...
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    2022-2023 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Even Jay Bilas, who complains more than any other color commentator on ESPN, at one point said enough was enough with the complaining by Arkansas players and to get back to playing basketball.

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