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    Spring Camp Press Conference

    When I was attending the U I took a creative writing class with a FB player from Florida. Overheard his group talking him through what type of layers he needed for the winter and what to do if he couldn't get a good winter coat before it got cold.
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    Official 2023 Roster Movement Thread - Who's In and Who's Out?

    Based on my count in we have 2 scholarship spots open.
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    Current 2023 Scholarship outlook

    Updated with Dylan Wright leaving the team
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    Dylan Wright

    Spring ball can't come soon enough...
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    PJ Fleck didn't need to seek out transfer QBs. He already has his man.

    And maybe some National Championship swag as well ;)
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    ESPN: Big Ten spring preview: Top storyline, newcomer to watch for each team

    Except that the groupings of 4-6-4 is pretty arbitrary, for instance, if you did 5-4-5 instead, the balanced group comes out on top. Rush heavy 5: 41-24 (.631) Balanced 4: 34-17 (.666) Pass heavy 5: 26-37 (.41) So you can slice it to show either rush heavy or balanced did better, and all that...
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    Potts and MBS in portal

    My guess is Sean Tyler and Zach Evans are gonna be the go to backs unless Darius Taylor stands out in spring practice. Bryce will do what he has been doing so far and mainly be a blocker/get some carries to shake things up/rest guys.
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    Potts and MBS in portal

    Same, though now we are at 84 scholarships, so I would be a tad shocked to see more movement before spring practice, but I expect a couple of transfers in and out during that time period.
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    Current 2023 Scholarship outlook

    Updated with Potts and MBS transferring
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    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    Oregon and Wash would get us to 18, meaning 3 pods of 6 teams, which I kinda doubt is the route they would go.
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    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    If that happens, I bet Oregon and Washington (and potentially Cal/Stanford) would take a lower payout to be in the Big 10 if needed.
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    Current 2023 Scholarship outlook

    Updated with Donald Willis entering the transfer portal. We are 1 scholarship away from being at 85 next year.
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    Current 2023 Scholarship outlook

    Updated with Beanie Bishop's departure
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    Bishop in the transfer portal

    Timing is indeed weird, if he was thinking about it a few months back, why not enter then? If not, what changed before Spring practice that led to this?
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    Deion Sanders looks for ‘dual parent’ homes in QB recruits, ‘single mama’ households in d-linemen

    If FSU doesn't continue it's upward trend and Deion does well at Colorado, definitely.
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    The Athletic: Who should Big Ten football teams face on their schedule? Our experts break down the votes

    I wouldn't be surprised if the protected rivals were set to be reviewed every couple of years. Some teams only have one true rival and we are maybe the only one that could argue that we have three rivals. I would be fine with the third rotating every 4 years, as long as Iowa and Wisconsin are...
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    Big Ten football: Projected regular-season win totals for every team in 2023 (Minnesota: Projected preseason win total: 7.5)

    My gut feeling, and yeah I'm being a homer, is that the Michigan game will be a top 25 matchup between two undefeated teams. The Bank will be packed and rocking like it was for the Penn State game in 2019.
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    Big Ten owes Gopher players an apology

    What I would be interested in seeing is a study about the leg injuries that don't look bad, like CrAB's injury. I wonder if some of these injuries could actually be prevented with a change in training? I'm not saying it would prevent all injuries, but I just wonder how many are actually caused...
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    Big Ten football: Projected regular-season win totals for every team in 2023 (Minnesota: Projected preseason win total: 7.5)

    And it would be such a PJ thing if the one loss was to an Iowa team with it's head cut off on offense...
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    3 locked rivals schedule

    I want Michigan as the third locked rivalry for the Gophers, but I also know there are other considerations that might cause that not be the third rivalry. The other benefit to this model is the jug would become a roughly bi-yearly game, so it'll still be played for more often then it is now...

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