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    Early signing date

    I for one like the early signing period questions for the recruiting experts: -do the gophers (or other teams) expect all of the verbals to sign on this date in Dec or will some wait until Feb -do we have open slots that we are saving until Feb -if they sign in Dec are they eligible to enroll...
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    Pathetic performance

    That may have been the worst last 30 minutes I have seen in many years. Good thing the players were so concerned about being rated. The turnovers were so lazy and way to much standing around on both ends. THe better find a way to get out of this funk the last few games or we are easily back...
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    Dear Mitch,

    I have been a harsh but fair critic of your on field performance the past several years. However I want to thank you for being a hard nose player, leader and someone whose qualities are what the U of M are about. You didn't transfer like many quarterbacks before you, Nelson, Streveler...
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    On Campus Housing question

    I was surprised that some of the first year football players live in apartments. I was under the impression that all out of town freshmen were required to live in the dorms. I was also under the impression that athletes of all teams had dorms to live in to be near their practice facilities and...
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    Bowl game location

    would assume would get a decent spot with possible 2 in the playoffs-- the 6-6 teams can't jump us. Regardless I don't see them selling many tickets
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    Clap snap

    I don't recall-- has this been going on all year or even in past years and I have only realized the last few games. It has to stop-- this is not 6th grade football. Is it the center that is in need for it? I am sure the defense loves knowing when the ball will be snapped
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    ticket prices on the street

    Per Shooter: "On-street ticket brokers were getting $100, just to get in, at last Monday’s Vikings-Giants game in Minneapolis. On Saturday, it was $10 to get into the Gophers-Iowa game, and there were tickets all over and hardly any buyers." Is this for real? I can't wait to see what the...
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    On the bright side

    quickest half ever? Half time starting before 12:15 is amazing
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    NDSU or Iowa

    Dislike both of them-- a loss who most likely hurt Iowa overall as NDSU will make their playoffs regardless so I guess I want Iowa to lose any reason that we would cheer for Iowa in this game
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    What injured player will have the biggest impact next year

    Of all the injured players which one should we see the most contribution from next year. Are their any injured players which may be career limiting or ending that we should worry about?
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    Claeys in game coaching

    Now that we have a half a season of what he can do-- any thoughts on him? It definitely is different than Kills style. A lot more risk taking but even more bizarre calls that when they don't work really stick out-- tonight for example the onside kick (which we have been horrible this year at)...
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    Looking for 2 for WI

    Gopher fan-- son back in town from college- -looking for 2 tickets- will pay $75 for the pair. Will be down by the stadium by 1:00
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    Lost 2 commits

    Not sure if I had seen this or not on the forum. "The Gophers football team has had two players de-commit from its 2016 recruiting class in recent days, according to multiple recruiting sites. Andre Polk, a linebacker from South Fort Myers High School, flipped his committed to South Florida...
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    Two University of Minnesota doctors...eliminating school HS football

    Not sure if this has been discussed but these doctors are recommending ending school sanctioned football and replace it with nonschool leagues that the teams are more evenly matched in terms of size as well as the pressures of kids playing while injured b/c of school spirit etc. Nov. 21--...
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    Thanksgiving weekend games

    Does anyone else think the B1G Ten should get rid of bye and not have games on Thanksgiving weekends? I thought the original reason was not to end before the other conferences where we would possible drop in rankings due to not playing --and this was also before having a conference championship...
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    Special teams

    I haven't looked at the stats comparing 2015 to 2014 but it feels like almost every aspect of special teams is down from last year. We really need to start created better field position on returns (too many fair catches on returnable punts). We also never look for any kinds of block punts. With...
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    4th Quarter punt returns

    Was it intentional not to try and field or return those last 2 punts. Both looked returnable but we let them land and one we just landed on when there was no one within 10 yards of him. I think we lost the field position game on both of those as should have been up at least 15 yards on both of...
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    Amount of Neb fans?

    I was not as the game- what was the estimate of Cornhusker fans at the game?
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    Iowa vs Wisc

    Tough to cheer for either but glad one will get a loss. With Wisconsin's schedule so much easier I think I prefer Iowa to win. any thoughts on this game?
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    Jeff Jones

    I have seen conflicting posts and articles about him-- is he hurt or did he play this past weekend on special teams?

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