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    Updated 2023 Roster

    It’s interesting how many of these 4 star recruits never work out. I watch a lot of college football and it seems like that group has a lot of misses. Maybe it’s because they aren’t a sure thing like most 5 stars (although they miss there). 3 stars seem to be the backbone of the teams, maybe...
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    Why Fickell chose Wisconsin over other Big10 opportunities

    Yeah I’m kind of trying to figure this thing out too. Frost was damn impressive at UCF and was a Nebby alumn. I didn’t know or hear anything about his drunken behavior until after the fact. Was this known ahead of time? If so, what’s the dirt on Fickell, is he of the same mold? On paper, great...
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    Florida Gator QB signee wants release after $13MM NIL deal falls through

    Kid should be free to walk. Florida will argue that it was an independent that was offering the money not the University, but we all know the reality. Kid picked them because of money, no money no reason to stay. I don’t like this because now you are looking at players that think they are bigger...
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    Gophers, trying to find a way to pay off their massive Athletes Village debt, are asking supporters to buy customized bricks between $600-$2500.

    Exactly, the majority is paid for. Now if it was the other way around I think there is merit to his argument.
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    Shooter: Murray Warmath, who coached the Gophers to two straight Rose Bowls, had a career-high salary of $37,500.

    Things change Charley. NFL players make more today then they did then too. Sports have taken on a different level of importance. Guess what Charley that’s the equivalent of $400,000 in todays dollars. Still not a bad gig.
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    Gophers, trying to find a way to pay off their massive Athletes Village debt, are asking supporters to buy customized bricks between $600-$2500.

    Debt yes, massive debt? New TV contract should ease that up. It’s fine Charley. How do writers whose job it is to write about sports actually know very little about the sports they write on? Don’t these people have any personal pride to actually know their job?
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    NCAA Signing Cap—Colorado

    Why is the portal a risk? If a guy sucks you dump them and just get another. Tell them to leave and get 30-40 more. Unless they change this BS there is no risk. Worked for MSU one year but not this year…why not again next year. Just keep rolling the dice. Frickin’ Wild West needs some rules put...
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    Wow: Kirk Ciarrocca Takes OC Job at Rutgers

    Because of that TD at the end of the Rutgers game. He could have took a knee but instead rushed it in for a TD. I thought it was a dick move given that was his mentor. Schiano didn’t bat an eye but I’m guessing that stung a little bit?
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    Ike White enters transfer portal

    Good take. I was excited about White because the coaches hyped him and he looked good in the spring game. They mentioned him more than Brockington but he clearly passed him on the depth chart. Regardless, I wish Ike the best and hope he does well at his future home.
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    Expectations vs Reality: My humble opinion on the state of the program and its future based on my own experiences with Gopher Football

    I think it’s a good take. Hopefully this trend continues especially with the new teams enter the conference. Going to be a little more tough!
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    Fleck on Mo: "I am honored to coach that kid. The hardest part about this is that this is the last 36 hours I have with him.”

    Mo! What a legend! Thanks for your time with our team! What a fun time it’s been to watch him play.
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    Tanner Morgan NFL draft profiles

    He kind of reminds me of that Bailey Zappe on New England from Houston Baptist/Western Kentucky. Similar size, similar strengths and weaknesses. Maybe Tanner can make a career as a backup or practice squad player? He doesn’t strike me as an NFL guy, he’s be perfect for the Arena league when that...
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    Austin Booker to enter transfer portal

    Isn’t that like the 3rd transfer from here to there? It’s Minnesota South!
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    GOPHER FOOTBALL: Minnesota Adds 33 on National Signing Day

    Yeah I hated when Sconnie for a while would come in and poach a bunch of good players. Glad that’s mostly over.
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    PJ and Prime College Football Recruiting Perspective Discussion

    I agree with many of the points on here. I do think of the U had its campus day in Duluth or Rochester that it would be a bigger deal. When you are in the heart of the cities and competing with everything else I think they get drowned out by that. I do believe that Primes fame is what allows him...
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    Iowa top instate recruit, 5 star recruit, Kadyn Proctor appears to be flipping to Alabama

    I think most of it is legit. I mean Taylor had Michigan offer late in the game so if he’s good enough for there wouldn’t he be good enough for those other schools?
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    Fleck and Fickell go back on forth about Martin Owusu negative recruitment

    Let’s make a big deal out of this and have Brew vs Bert 2.0!
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    They’re all signed

    I know I liked that too. They would put little bios of each player as they signed and you were always excited to see if you’d get a flip last minute (or nervous the other way). Overall a good class by all accounts, especially if adding in the transfers.
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    All Things Transfer Portal News

    Yeah that’s a terrible take for sure.

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