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  1. MNSpaniel

    16 of the last 17 college football national champions have come from inside this red oval.

    Huge advantage to the top teams having a bye. They should have eight or sixteen but not twelve. That would level the playing field a bit.
  2. MNSpaniel

    TCU - More like STINK-A- ROO

    Just saying the same thing … if Ohio St doesn’t have those in game injuries they are probably the champs and in a similar fashion. TCU and the Vikings seem to be on a similar path.
  3. MNSpaniel

    Transfer Portal Question

    It doesn’t really say. I suppose a coach has to keep recruiting their own players the way things have gone.
  4. MNSpaniel

    Transfer Portal Question

    Do these guys just up and enter the transfer portal or do they tell the coaches ahead of time? Just was wondering if coaches get a chance to talk to a kid who they would like to stay or they just get surprised to hear about a kid leaving.
  5. MNSpaniel

    Illinois Takes QB Transfer from Ole Miss

    Georgia’s coach when asked why he didn’t sign a QB in this recent class …. Said why … the portal is full of QBs. I can get one anytime.
  6. MNSpaniel

    Top 100 NIL Deals

    Not sure how accurate this is but here is a link for the top 100 in NIL deals: Look who is at #59 Might be a reason a lot of these guys stay in school. A bunch of them may make more money in college than they will afterwards ????
  7. MNSpaniel

    'His birth certificate MUST be fake... unless it's in dog years!' Texas football player leaves internet in DISBELIEF over his real age - 12 (pics)

    Reminds me of Greg Oden an Ohio State center that was the first or second draft choice in the NBA that year. He was 19 or 20 and looked 50.
  8. MNSpaniel


    Interesting … it seems like a selling point to recruits if the Gophers ever get any NIL money to offer. You can tell my age. Had to look up what IIRC was 😀
  9. MNSpaniel


    Dont know if this has been touched on but do these athletes (male and female) have agents to help get them deals. I know somebody mentioned tax account to make sure they dont get in trouble with IRS. Or do schools provide this type of help in addition to the NIL money???
  10. MNSpaniel

    Saban was given airtime to lobby for his team

    I remember them given a chance to lobbying on TV but not necessarily the Big Ten Championship game. I don’t think he asked to do it. He looked uncomfortable in his arguments. I think the network asked him to do it as not to lose viewers during halftime.
  11. MNSpaniel

    Saban was given airtime to lobby for his team

    I’ve seen that before. Also he kept talking about playing top ten teams. LSU was overrated and will most likely drop out of top 20. Would have gotten beat by Texas if they don’t lose their starting QB in first quarter.
  12. MNSpaniel

    10 Second Runoff

    Late in the game .... the Wisconsin running back was injured ... They had no timeouts. I always thought that the offensive team would have a 10 second run-off in a situation like this. So is this just a rule for the NFL or was it something that was not enforced for some reason in yesterday's...
  13. MNSpaniel

    Athan grew up a lot today

    I think Fleck can sell this version of AK to wide receivers he is recruiting. Letting them know that the second half is what they want to do as their young QB matures.
  14. MNSpaniel

    Cool picture from Tanner Morgan’s freshman year

    I went back to look at the picture again ... look at the size of the football !!!
  15. MNSpaniel

    Cool picture from Tanner Morgan’s freshman year

    I left but had to come back and give you props 👍 pretty funny!
  16. MNSpaniel

    Air Force Put on Probation

    All the ones i have seen are when schools were recruiting during the Covid period they were told to stay put. Pretty much everything else is an out of control semi-professional league that wont get policed unless they decide they need to do it themselves 😢
  17. MNSpaniel

    Tuesdays are boring lets laugh at Scott Frost

    Im not sure which game was the Hoodie game. I was at one and it was fricken cold. A good portion of Nebraska players were not wearing shirts. You want your muscles to warm up. You perform better when you are warm not Frosty 😉
  18. MNSpaniel

    SI: Gophers are a true contender in the Big Ten, maybe nationally

    I'm a bit superstitious ... so I am always thinking the same thing. Growing up we used to call it the Gowdy Curse. Named af I was thinking the same thing ... I am a bit superstitious. The Gophers have seemed to have crazy things happen to them over the years. Growing up we always called...
  19. MNSpaniel

    Thomas not seeing field

    Wonder if he transfers again?

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