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  1. gopheraschells

    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    you guys should really just make your own thread to bitch back and forth at each other.
  2. gopheraschells

    Notre Dame to the Big Ten?

    sorry for being dense.. but can someone explain why Notre Dame is this golden goose? Are they really going to raise the number of viewers more than say Washington and the Seattle market? Seems like they are still running on the fumes of their prestige of the past? I am of the younger generation...
  3. gopheraschells

    USFL draft

    Their fan base might be small, but they have the most passionate fans in the country (as clearly seen in the video).
  4. gopheraschells


    Has there ever been a larger human to score a touchdown in football history than Daniel? I have to imagine he has the record.
  5. gopheraschells

    Thoughts on the game

    Might have to send Sanford a youtube link explaining the concept of a screen
  6. gopheraschells

    Chip: Will Fleck ever come to the realization that being ultraconservative isn't the recipe for success against quality teams?

    Great post. What was Fleck's offensive approach at Western Michigan? Did he run the same style offense? I thought we were finally removed from the Kill days where I got excited when we would complete a 10 yard pass, but here we are again... I think this year has been more of a philosphy issue...
  7. gopheraschells

    Derek Burns thoughts

    All comes down to play calling and the players being comfortable within the system. Against Northwestern I said I was disappointed we didn't try and work in our passing game more and some posters ( @MNVCGUY ) thought the idea was ludicrous. The Illinois game is why. If all you do is run 80% of...
  8. gopheraschells

    Post-Game Reaction Thread: Gophers Dominate Northwestern

    Love that we were able to run whenever we wanted, but I am disappointed we didn't take an opportunity to work on our passing game. I don't think we are going to just be able to flip the switch on our passing game. Worried we are going to get into a situation where the run game isn't there and we...
  9. gopheraschells

    College football's biggest potential shockers in 2021 (Minnesota upsets Ohio State in Week 1)

    disagree. Fleck is one of the most conservative coaches in the B10. He would be grinding clock with Mo
  10. gopheraschells

    Mike Krzyzewski has decided to retire after this coming season

    Ben Johnson his heir apparent? What recruits do you think would follow him to Duke? We should try and extend Johnson immediately to make it painful for programs to snipe him
  11. gopheraschells

    Dick Vitale sounds off: This transferring all over the place is going to destroy our great game

    You nailed it except what gets lost in all of this is it isn't the schools forcing the kids to attend. It is the NFL and NBA who get a free minor league out of it. Yet, they never seem to catch any heat
  12. gopheraschells

    Gabe to Iowa State

    Gabe should have been the 6th or 7th guy off the bench. simple as that. Solid role player, nothing more
  13. gopheraschells

    Jamal Mashburn Jr. has entered the transfer portal, sources told ESPN.

    Totally disagree. This roster was shaping up to be a dumpster fire last offseason. Pitino brought in Robbins, Johnson, and Gach. Going to be more impact players in the transfer portal then ever before. We hire an exciting coach who can promise immediate playing time and we could be better than...
  14. gopheraschells

    Elephant in the room? Williams Arena

    For a year or two maybe. I don't think a year or two is worth tearing down an iconic venue at a cost of millions of dollars. As others have pointed out. There are many factors that are a bigger influence on attendance than the actual venue
  15. gopheraschells

    Elephant in the room? Williams Arena

    The NFL holding cities hostage to get new stadiums to increase their value has nothing to do with my point. My point is that from a fan attendance perspective, I don't think there were many fans that did not go to games because of the dome. Obviously people prefer a nicer venue, but it wasn't...
  16. gopheraschells

    Elephant in the room? Williams Arena

    USBS is way better than the dome don't get me wrong, but not once did I ever not attend a Vikings game specifically because of the Dome.
  17. gopheraschells

    Elephant in the room? Williams Arena

    I had no problem with the dome for the Vikings. I don't think they should have gotten a new stadium.
  18. gopheraschells

    Elephant in the room? Williams Arena

    I refuse to believe that there is a sizeable portion of the fan base who refuses to go to a game because of the arena. If Duke sucked for the last 20 years people would be saying the same thing about their arena. The venue isn't the problem, it is the product
  19. gopheraschells

    Pitino to New Mexico

    does that mean we get out of the buy-out?

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