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  1. spermophilus

    Denver Broncos make trade for Sean Payton

    AFC already absolutely stacked overall. West is probably somewhat gettable given issues w/ LV, and LAC. But KC looms. If Jets end up w/ AR, will be a Donnybrook. QBs, esp mobile ones, are vital. 🍿 🍿
  2. spermophilus

    Badger football is killing it, sadly

    I guess it’ll be “Jump-suit Around” for him.
  3. spermophilus

    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Cortez . . . The Killer? “He came rowing across the water . . .” ?!? 😉😎
  4. spermophilus

    Jeff Horton announces retirement

    I was as proud of, and happy for, any Gopher team I can recall - the day in 2010 when they went to Champaign, after 9 straight losses and a recent coaching change, and beat the Illini. I’m not embarrassed to say I actually and spontaneously got a little choked up. I felt like we had hit rock...
  5. spermophilus

    Brewster and Colorado

    Matt Foley was at least an intentional comedic skit/bit. This is either a bad caricature (of himself, no less) or just plain sad.
  6. spermophilus

    What are we afraid of?

    It was all over when Penn State joined the B1G. It was all over when Nebraska joined the B1G. So we were told/warned.
  7. spermophilus

    Not Gophers Related but B1G related

    Indy, too? Perhaps . . . . ?!?!?
  8. spermophilus

    What will the 2023 Gopher Offense look like?

    I think this theory is overstated. I have been a proponent of the running attack, but the direction we are heading is wise. With a healthy AK, we will be much more dynamic. If we are to take the next step, this is it.
  9. spermophilus

    The headline in the Friday paper will read?…

    Matinee Idols: Mo Covers Brown and Davis, Tanner Sings Swan Song, Gopher’s New Principal Soars In Operatic Performance in NYC Debut
  10. spermophilus

    Laudatory Bernie Bierman Article From USC “Trojans Wire” - Tie-In To Bowl Match Vs. Tulane
  11. spermophilus

    Irving to the end zone, can’t compete at MN

    We will be a very tough out for UNC.
  12. spermophilus

    Michael Brown-Stephens

    In the moment, when that TD pass ricocheted off him and was picked, I told my wife: a. it’s hard to convey what a seismic play that was, and b. I worry that MBS will see that play in his mind as he is laying in bed trying to drift off, for years and years to come. Hoping for the very best for...
  13. spermophilus

    No thread - please delete

    “This is not the Golden Era of deleted ‘no threads’, despite what Gopher_In_NYC says” - Patrick Reusse From the article . . . “Back in the early days of Gopherhole, there were fewer threads posted every year. Dominating early season, out of context, posters such as: Short Ornery...
  14. spermophilus


    You have an option to direct. I went heavy (all) football, as competitive need greatest there. As I have witnessed (was at Mariucci for Friday night’s beat down vs Bucky), Coach M not hurting for talent 😊 👍
  15. spermophilus

    2022-20223 College Football Head Coach Fired/Hired Thread

    Great for Coach Burns. Sad for us, but when you have talented assistants, this is inevitable. Now go get another “good un” Fleck/Coyle.
  16. spermophilus

    NDSU & SDSU still alive in FCS playoffs

    Looking forward to the Stanford game.
  17. spermophilus

    Brohm leaving?

    Maybe he really did need to finally swat that Fleck bug that’s been buzzing around his head for the last 4-5 years. Though it’d be entertaining, not much chance of a NC game vs Louisville in the near future, if this scuttlebutt materializes.
  18. spermophilus

    Comparison of relevant Gopher head coaches

    Facts and stats . . . Damn you!!

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