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    Pickems Iowa Week, November 19

    Iowa Wisconsin USC Oregon Texas
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    Pickems November 12th - Northwestern Week

    Minnesota Illinois Iowa Alabama North Carolina
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    November 5th Pickems

    Minnesota Georgia Iowa Clemson Florida State
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    October 29th Pickems

    Minnesota Illinois Arkansas Oklahoma State
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    Pickems Saturday October 22

    Penn State TCU Wisconsin Oklahoma State.
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    Pickems October 15th!

    Golden Gophers SCum Crimson Elephants Boiler down
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    October 8 Pickems!

    Horny Toads Fighting Amish herky Turtles
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    Saturday, October 1st Pickems!

    Golden Gophers wildcats bears Death Valley copy cat tigers
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    September 24 Pickems!

    Gophers Heels Vols SQuakeyes
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    Pickems Week 3!

    Gophers Nittany Lions Huskies Aggies
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    Pickems week 2

    Gophers Hawkeyes Razorbacks Red Raiders
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    It's a go! Pickems for Week 1!

    Minnesota ohio st nebraska UGA
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    Welcome new GopherHole members, please introduce yourself!

    I’ve been reading the board since some folks named Loon and Wren had a triple digit number of posts. Born in southern MN. Moved around quite a bit growing up - bounced along the southern part of the state, went overseas as a FES, and then finished up school in ND. Became a fan growing up...
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    Roll Call: Folks traveling from out of MN for the game

    Flying in from Houston +2 and 1 osu fan.

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