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  1. coolhandgopher

    Best Movie Made in Minnesota (Grumpy Old Men defeats Fargo)

    An overlooked gem was the original The Heartbreak Kid with Charles Grodin and Cyril Shepherd. In the film, Shepherd’s character is a student at the U of M, so there’s some filming on campus. Probably not enough time to warrant inclusion on this list, but it’s a really fun movie, with Grodin’s...
  2. coolhandgopher

    Best song played during a movie?

    I could choose several from this movie, but I always enjoy the placement of this song with this scene:
  3. coolhandgopher

    All Things Minnesota Timberwolves 2022-2023 In-Season Thread

    I don’t even know where to start with this-first question I have is does Edwards care one iota what KAT’s thoughts are? Is this KAT’s way of trying to flex his leadership skills? If so, why does he think this is the method to deliver the message? I was listening to a podcast last week, general...
  4. coolhandgopher

    Gophers among favorites to land 4-star 2023 center Dennis Evans

    Kyle Sanden and Kevin Loge would like their due.
  5. coolhandgopher

    '90210' JOE E. TATA Played Peach Pit Owner Nat, Dead at age 85

    Bill Simmons with an emergency podcast coming in 3…2…1…
  6. coolhandgopher

    Kill still bitter on Fleck “As for my personal feelings I’m not taking him to dinner. I’ll tell you that.”; not sure if they’ll be a pregame handshake

    Bitching and moaning about the tight schedule but was still going to slide in a Dunkers appearance-LOL-Ol’ Jer, don’t ever change, you are an endless source of mirth for at least one Gophers fan.
  7. coolhandgopher

    Top 5 rivalries between college football head coaches (#4. PJ Fleck and Jerry Kill)

    The aspect that makes me chuckle about it all is Kill taking time on game day to speak to an alum group for the opposing team. Sure, it’s a night game, but what are doing spending any time with boosters for the opposition? What a message to send to your team 🤣
  8. coolhandgopher

    Cameron Christie COMMITS!

    I was thinking a bit more about this quote and setting aside what type of player we’re getting in Christie, I’ve become even more optimistic about the direction Johnson may take the program. If we consider the other programs that offered plus the background that Christie’s family has with D-1...
  9. coolhandgopher

    Cameron Christie COMMITS!

    Really nice write-up in the Sun-Times. Seems like a really mature kid with an all around game that should mesh well:
  10. coolhandgopher

    All Things 2022 Minnesota Timberwolves Off-Season Thread

    For those in the know, any fire to the Dejounte Murray smoke?
  11. coolhandgopher

    All Things 2022 Minnesota Timberwolves Off-Season Thread

    So, which picks that they possess in the second round will actually be for the T-Wolves?
  12. coolhandgopher

    All Things 2022 Minnesota Timberwolves Off-Season Thread

    Regarding the bleak TWolves draft history, I am recirculating a post that I wrote up a couple years ago--I wrote it before Jarret Culver was cast as an all-time dud, but prior to the 2020 draft (that brought Ant and Jaden McDaniels into the fold).
  13. coolhandgopher

    Updates on former gopher transfers.

    Joe Flacco Malik Willis Ben DiNucci Mike White Jeff Driskel Brad Sorensen BJ Coleman Going back to 2008, these are the quarterbacks who transferred from prominent D-1 schools to D-2 or lower level D-1 schools and ended up getting drafted, so it can work out well. I'm not predicting NFL...
  14. coolhandgopher

    'Seinfeld,' 'Boogie Nights' actor Philip Baker Hall dies at 90

    I can’t think of a better one off character from the show. I remember watching the old Seinfeld DVD’s with commentary and they all marveled at Baker Hall’s commitment to the role.
  15. coolhandgopher

    2022 Transfer Portal Discussion

    Gene Bartow, Bill Guthridge, Kevin O'Neill, Mike Davis all followed legends at blue bloods and stumbled. Kevin Ollie and Tubby Smith had some initial glory, but before too long they were awash either in scandal or unrelenting pressure. The only sustained successes I can think of who...
  16. coolhandgopher

    All Things 2022 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    My mind immediately flashed to former Raiders CB Lester Hayes from the’80s. 40 years ago, it was a great nickname, probably a good thing for broadcasters that the Chester/Lester/Nestor’s are few and far between.
  17. coolhandgopher

    All Things 2022 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    By that reasoning, the '87 Twins, '06 Cardinals, and '21 Braves were frauds who should forfeit their World Series titles. It's really quite simple-win the division or stay home. There's no wild card berths for the AL Central this year, but getting into a short series with Gray, Ryan, and...

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