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    Game 9: Gophers Host Kentucky (12-7-22)

    My +1 is unable to attend. If anyone wants an extra ticket tonight I’m happy to transfer it to them through the Gophers app.
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    Sophie Hart ( Farmington ) Leaving NC State

    🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 Here’s her tweet mentioned by Mainstreeter.
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    Other B1G Non-Conference Games 2022-23

    I believe her partner works for Penn State so that sounds likely!
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    2023 Recruiting

    I just looked at the likes on the announcement post and in addition to the lack of Gopher staff likes I don’t see any from Baylor or South Carolina staff either so maybe that’s just something coaches avoid until an official announcement has been made. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m still hoping for great Gopher...
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    Gophers vs. Wake Forest in the Big Ten / ACC Challenge This seems like a good pairing with both coming off second round WNIT appearances last season. The release said Wake has returning the ACC’s leading scorer from last season. That...
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    Since I still have a big post as an option on my wish list for next season… 😆 🤞
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    Signings 2022 Class

    I went to a meet and greet Q&A with the athletic director a few weeks ago. He spoke on his exit interviews with the women’s basketball players and he mentioned all told him they have good relationships with the coaches and enjoyed their experience at the university. Minus Scalia the common theme...
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    Signings 2022 Class

    Plenty of JUCO players end up contributors in D1. I’m not saying we should expect monster numbers right away from Zie, but she fills a need and looks like she can contribute. She’s an international student and that seems to be a fairly common route for international students at some point. I...
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    Next Gopher Assistant Coach?

    I saw Kenisha Bell tweeted she has a job interview tomorrow and Coach Whalen liked the tweet… 🤷🏻‍♂️🙂
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    Destiny PItts: Transfers to Texas A&M (All Things Suspension and Transfer Related)

    Do you plan to troll this board forever? Perhaps it would be to everyone’s benefit for you to find a program you enjoy and provide your enlightening comments there.
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    I’m not sure it was a miss. She announced a day after we announced Mi’Cole Cayton transferred in. She may have been waiting on that decision, but I would have preferred to sign them both. I don’t recall reading on this board anything about Cayton before she signed and seems likely the staff is...
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    Sorry… Looks like I posted the exact same time. Lol
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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    New commit… I’m assuming from the transfer portal!
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    Target Center to host B1G Tournament in 2023 and 2024

    I’m so excited for this - great opportunities for Gopher fans and our team!
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    Oberg Coming Home

    This is great. I saw she had her first collegiate career double-double last season vs. Creighton. I’m looking forward to watching her play next season!
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2022-23

    Also out of Maryland:
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2022-23

    The Pioneer Press lists her as 5’2” when they recently named her their East Metro Player of the Year. Congrats to a local talented player staying in the Big 10. Will be fun to see her play against our incoming freshman class for years!

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