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  1. GoldMedalCounty

    Shama: State icon Lindsay Whalen, whose Gophers open their season at home November 7 against Western Illinois, is coaching for job security.

    I think most of the time a one year extension is a paper tiger. And I can’t begin to count the number of coaches that have got an extension to term out there existing contract for the next 3, 4 or 5 years only to have been let go shortly into the next season. Its hard to fathom that recruits...
  2. GoldMedalCounty

    Shama: State icon Lindsay Whalen, whose Gophers open their season at home November 7 against Western Illinois, is coaching for job security.

    I wish they’d stop that nonsense…life changes way more frequently, see Hugh MCCutcheon. I actually think the coaches push it more than the players so they have a golden parachute/monster buyout.
  3. GoldMedalCounty

    Dennis “The Shot Blocking Menace!”

    Any trademark or patent experts willing to help me monetize this obvious nickname for young Mr. Evans?
  4. GoldMedalCounty

    All Things Nolan Winter Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Offered, Son of Trevor)

    Think again. The Winters have tailgated at Gopher football games for years…if the kid chooses Wisconsin it’s not because of Trevor’s fandom.
  5. GoldMedalCounty

    Former Dallas Cowboys RB Marion Barber found dead in his apartment by Frisco police

    So sad…my deepest condolences to his friends, teammates and family. MBIII arguably had one of the greatest 3 yd runs in NFL history when he was knocked back into his own end zone against the Patriots and escaped 5-6 tackles.
  6. GoldMedalCounty

    If Eric Musselman was our coach

    B10 TV deals support a higher level of spend for us. There was an article last year indicating MN was top 15 or 20 in Mens basketball revenue at $18.8M. I didn’t fact check it, but our ranking has been reported at a similar level for years elsewhere too. The money should be there for a top 20...
  7. GoldMedalCounty

    Gabe Kalscheur appreciation thread

    It’s crazy that Gabe has shot 24% from three in back-to-back seasons. I never would have imagined that after his freshman year.
  8. GoldMedalCounty

    The Big Show at Xcel - Gopher Recruiting Misses?

    I love the spectacle of the state hockey tournament, but I'm not a college hockey recruiting guru, so I want to ask a question that's bugged me for years. Every year we see a dominant player like Ben Hanowski, Drew LeBlanc, Matt Cullen, etc. in the state tournament that the Gophers didn't give...
  9. GoldMedalCounty

    Kerwin Walton - yes or no?

    Kerwin Walton’s going through a sophomore slump at Carolina. He had a solid freshman year averaging 21 minutes and 8+ pts per game while shooting 42% from three point range, but this year he’s only averaging 3.5 pts and shooting 32% on threes. It might be time to transfer home to the friendly...
  10. GoldMedalCounty

    National champions since 2000 ranked (USA Today)

    Now we should rank them by how much they exceeded the salary cap or later garnered NCAA violations: Miami USC Ohio State LSU Auburn
  11. GoldMedalCounty

    Star Tribune: Where are the nation’s best women’s teams recruiting? Minnesota, home of top prospects

    Geno, Pat Summitt, John Wooden, Phil Jackson, Cheryl Reeves, etc. all typically had the best roster or best player so it’s great that this class is staying home. I’m still convinced the class of 97 could have had us in the Final Four before Whalen/McCarville.
  12. GoldMedalCounty

    Five years ago today, P.J. Fleck was named Gophers football head coach! What is your favorite football memory since then?!

    As much as ESPN annoys me, hosting Game Day was one of my favorite steps in our progression with PJ. The crowd was in full force for both the show and the game despite the “inclement weather”.
  13. GoldMedalCounty

    Whalen to miss Rutgers game due to appendectomy

    Wishing Coach Whalen a speedy recovery!

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