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    TCF and Ticket Price

    TCF Bank Stadium is a great facility. When you are walking towards the stadium from the west and you get to the Tennis complex etc. and the stadium comes into view, it is a great sight. The University did a tremendous job with the facilities down there. I think you would be hard pressed to...
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    Division 1 Players in Minnesota

    I am looking for a site that lists all the high school basketball players that received Division 1 scholarships in Minnesota by year, for both boys and girls. I would like to go back at least 20 years. If anyone knows where to get that info, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Won't it be fun?

    I am glad that Paul Chryst did not get this job for one reason. It would have been flat out embarrassing to see the reaction of Gophers fans if he did. Your fan base does not deserve a coach as good as Chryst and probably not as good as Kill either. Won't it be fun to have a coach on the...
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    Nice Start

    Congrats on a heck of a tournament. Thanks for sending Carolina into their tail spin early this year. It will be fun watching to see if they can get back to the NIT. I think it is interesting how Sampson and Iverson in particular are developing. After reading this board for the last couple...
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    True or False

    First, let me get this out of the way. The Badgers suck, Bielema is an idiot, go back to your own board, the Badgers are regressing, blah blah, blah. Ok, now that we have that on the record, here is the question. Since it is only late June, I thought I would try a little game of true or false...
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    Things I Learned at the Barn Last Night

    1. The Gophers student section is as classless as the Badgers student section. That should put an end to the, "Our fans are so great, your fans are classless threads." 2. You can win the Subway scramble game by giving the answer after it has been put on the scoreboard. 3. The Gophers can...
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    Badgers / Gophers Analysis

    Someone on the Badgers board does this for each game and it is very informative. Thought some of you would enjoy the analysis. I edited out some cheap shots due to the audience. Opening Thoughts: Here’s Jonnny! Just in time to make his last visit to his home state, Jon Leuer started...
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    Need 2 for Gophers/Badgers

    Send me a PM if you have 2 extra for Thursday. Thanks in advance.
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    Big Ten Stats and Defense

    This is a really good site to get stats for Big Ten games only. Last year, the Gophers gave up .98 points per possession. This year, they are giving up 1.06 points per possession. That, in a nutshell is the problem with...
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    I think there should be trades in college basketball. Think of how fun it would be. Badgers need a 3 that can get to the rim. Gophers need a 4 that is a little older and stronger. We'll trade you Nankvil for Carter and throw in some extra border battle t shirts that have been laying around.
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    Badgers beat Miami

    Since there would have been a thread started if the Badgers lost, I thought I would start one because they won. Now that the season is officially over, the theory that the Badgers program is sinking into the abyss can officially be put to rest. 12,9,7,10 is no longer a downward trend, so you...
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    Joe Schad on ESPN

    Schad is reporting that Gill, Holtz Jr., Brewster and Butch Jones are the finalists for the Kansas job. No word on who the sources are and whether the source is Brewster himself or his friends.
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    Nice Win

    I was really impressed with that win by the Gophers. The game was a toss up and I think the Gophers deserve a lot of credit for pulling the game out. I did not see the entire game, but I was really impressed with the goal line stand that kept the Gophers in the lead in the 4th quarter. That...
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    Maturi on Barriero

    I know a lot of you don't listen to KFAN, but for those that do, Maturi is going to be on and will be discussing some of the topics that have been on this board. Standing, sitting, etc.
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    Tough Crowd

    This place is tough. I was pretty impressed with the Gophers effort on Saturday. Purdue had lost some very tough games and was in all of their games until the end. This one was over with a quarter to play. Weber takes an unreal amount of heat on this board. You could do a lot worse then...
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    Cool Site

    You can see the results of the series between any two teams at this site. Interesting info to look at before a game. An example: Last 20 years against Purdue: Record of Minnesota (vs Purdue), 1988-2008 Site First Meeting Last Meeting...
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    Great Stadium

    1. TCF is a great place to watch a football game. Great sightlines, very intimate feel, great views. Noise stays in there pretty well. I don't think there are any bad seats in that place. 2. TCF, Mariucci and Williams across the street from each other have to be some of the finest facities...
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    The Scalping Market

    2 years ago I got 4 on the 50 for the Badgers at the Dome for $60 each. This year, with the new Stadium and 14,000 less seats, I had to pay $200 each for 4 on the 50. The new stadium has certainly accomplished the goal of creating a demand for the tickets. I am really looking forward to...
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    Lower Rows of Both Decks

    How would you compare the first couple rows of the upper deck to the top of the lower deck at the Metrodome? Similar in how far you are from the field? How is the view from row 10 or 11 of the lower deck? High enough to see over the players and have a good view? Thanks for the info.
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    Need 4 for Wisconsin Between 30's

    Need 4 for the Axe battle. Willing to pay a premium. Thanks. GV

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