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    Rand and Youngblood discuss Lynx and Gophers WBB 9:00: Star Tribune women's basketball writer Kent Youngblood joins the show to offer his perspectives on all the things that have gone wrong for the 3-12 Lynx this season...
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    Randball interview of Coaches Whalen and Johnson

    Discuss the portal and other changes seen by both.
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    Looking back and a little foward: Whalen years

    I thought that I would take a stab at a look at the Whalen coaching years and all the things that have worked against Whalen and the Gophers. Admittedly, some are on Whalen, but much of it was outside her control. Great talent makes a coach look much better, and lesser talent probably more...
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    Portal Recruiting is a New World

    I think this topic deserves to be separate from the Portal Transfer Needs thread. When does it end? It seems that there will be some period after the Final Four is concluded before the transfers are filed. For example, Ohio State’s season just ended and now three have entered the portal...
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    Assistant coaching?

    Is it time for Whalen to sit down with PJ and Coyle, maybe Reeves, to discuss how she can improve the game management, etc.? Perhaps like PJ did to change coordinators, maybe change the supporting staff? Whalen appears very capable of recruiting. But, she still is a young head coach. Maybe...
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    2020-21 Season: How will we watch it?

    I received the following message from Gophers last week. Didn't see any other posts about this. Essentially, only 250 fans might be permitted (I am guessing family and close friends?): I hope this note finds you and your loved ones safe and well. These past eight months have been...
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    Rachel Banham returns to MN

    Result of sign and trade deal with Conn. Sun
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    Women's Basketball Forum

    After watching the debates/discussion on some of the more recent threads related to Pitts/Whalen and questioning the identifies of some posters, etc., I began to wonder about this forum's origins. It looks like it began in November 2015 and Iggy was earliest to start a thread. Some time before...
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    2019-2020 Attendance

    Of course, average attendance compared to last year will be down without a sold out event like last year. So far, it was Missouri State (2860--Tuesday afternoon), Vermont (3456), Milwaukee (4081-Thursday afternoon, school field day) and Arizona State (4862). To date, the average is 3814. Last...
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    Black History Month

    Black History Month: Leah Cotton She was a fun player to watch (and sometimes you would wince watching her). Always upbeat. Leah Cotton Sport: Womens Basketball Years: 2009-2013 Hometown: Kansas City, Kan. What occupies your time now? I am teaching English to young ESL students and am...
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    indsay Whalen's first season as Gophers coach is a lesson in expectations Michael Rand and Kent Youngblood discuss Whalen's first year so far. Concluding remarks: Youngblood: The Gophers will lose Bell after this season but have a highly...
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    Home Attendance Watch

    The other interesting part of the Whalen hire will be impact on attendance. For reference: Non-Conference for 2016-17 was 21,292 with average of 2,662 per game. Conference was 30,072, average 3,759. Non-Conference 2017-18 was 18,169, average of 2,5956 (one less game) and Conference at...

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