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  1. tikited

    Favorite place to watch an away game

    Where do you love watching away games? You know...besides in your man caves. I used to enjoy Sally's but not so much with the new digs.
  2. tikited

    Favorite Bars

    Got back from a short two-day trip to Milwaukee. Visited a few of my favorite bars. It's been six years since I've been to any of them. Got me thinking about "favorite lists" from a few years ago. My favorite bars top five list (current or gone) In no particular order. * Grumpys - NE Mpls...
  3. tikited

    Nate Triplett battling cancer
  4. tikited

    Can't make the Illinois game 2 tickets available.

    Something came up and can't go on Sat. Good seats. Section 142 row 9. $50 for both. If interested pm me.
  5. tikited

    Movies you have seen the most

    This was the ice breaker question at a morning meeting today. The rules are simple, only count if you watched it all the way through. I never counted the total times I have watched these, but I am confident the listed movies have been seen many times. In no particular order: Monty Python and...
  6. tikited

    RIP Charlie Watts

    80 years old. One of the most iconic drummers ever.
  7. tikited

    All things 2020 World Series

    I might be the only one here that really cares, but I'm pumped for the series. Life long Dodgers fan here and have been sweating out the series with the Braves. Mookie and his glove were unreal. Tampa scares me, but Dodgers in six.
  8. tikited

    R.I.P. Regis
  9. tikited

    Back by no demand at all: What to do?

    It's the end of the work day and I don't know what to do with myself until the big game tomorrow. Should I.... A. Drink heavily until I pass out? B. Watch the 1999 PSU game on a loop until I memorize every play? C. Continue to wash off all the gold paint I put on myself before I read it was...
  10. tikited

    Saturday's weather and game

    Thought that the weather, and game day, experience needed to be celebrated a little here. I can't remember many game days that could compare to last Sat.. Our bike ride from North East Mpls was glorious due to the late start. Had time to stop in for a drink, and snack, at Rusty Taco. Rode by...
  11. tikited

    How A UVa Fan Bluffed His Way Into The Huddle At The ACC Title Game

    Not sure if this has been posted yet? Good stuff.
  12. tikited

    What To Do? Purdue Edition.

    What do I do now that my work week is over? I need something to keep my mind occupied before kickoff. Should I: A. Drink heavily until I pass out? B. Help with answer A by playing a drinking game. Listen to Coach Kill's last press conference and take a drink every time Coach Kill say's the...
  13. tikited

    Jesus gets all of the breaks.

    N.D. wins again with help from above? Maybe just from the terrible ref's. Stanford got jobbed.
  14. tikited

    What To Do? 2012 Edition.

    Back by semi-popular demand! What do I do now that my work week is over? I need something to keep my mind occupied before kickoff. Should I: A. Drink heavily until I pass out? B. Start sandbagging my tailgating area before the monsoon hits Dinkytown? C. Perfect my plan to break into the...
  15. tikited

    USC-Oregon game

    Really fun game. Great game by Barkley and his wide receivers. Great comeback by the Ducks. Terrible, terrible, terrible decision making by Chip Kelly at the very end. Three timeouts and 20 seconds to go--plenty of time to get into chip-shot range. He has his qb throw it away on purpose on...
  16. tikited

    Clemson vs UNC

    Boy, Clemson sure is pulling a good Minnesota late game meltdown right now. They had that game won with 2 1/2 minutes left and couldn't even get a point.
  17. tikited

    At least we don't have to hear

    the idiot announcers make the claim that Sampson (made a dirty play) pushed Shurna in the first meeting. Not only wasn't it a push, it wasn't even a foul. Shurna made a clumsy move and paid for it all on his own. I still can't believe the NW coach was crying about it after the fact. Classless...
  18. tikited

    Marc Trestmann on 30 Rock

    Anyone watch 30 Rock Thurs? Marc Trestmann's name came-up briefly. I had to rewind to make sure, but it was his name for sure-pretty funny bit.
  19. tikited

    Does Tubby even coach?

    Tubby doesn't do a thing. No timeouts, no reaction to Indiana's game plan, no nothing. Indiana is terrible, just terrible. I haven't seen such a display of gutless play in a long time by the Gophers. Ugh!
  20. tikited

    Ticket question

    I received some helpful advice here in regard to getting tickets on the street at the begining of the season. I haven't had to pay more than $10 a ticket for three games so far, but last night we were shut-out. It seemed like an entirely different scene in front of the stadium with scalpers...

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