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  1. coolhandgopher

    Thiam is in the portal

    I wonder if this is connected to other moves coming or entirely separate decision:
  2. coolhandgopher

    All Things Class of 2025 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but perhaps we can be in the mix for someone on this list in a couple years. And yes, if you didn't already know and were wondering, #1 and #24 on the list are the twin sons of Carlos Boozer. I'm pulling for Calipari to hire him onto his staff, so they stay away...
  3. coolhandgopher

    2021 Portal Misses--How Did They Do?

    Between Fuller's article in the Strib on last year's Gophers and the 2022 portal beginning to rev up, it got me to thinking about some of the players whose names were bandied about last year and how they did this season. Without having seen a minute of action from any of them, I'll give an...
  4. coolhandgopher

    Tony O and Kitty Kaat are in the Hall of Fame!

    Great day for the organization and of course, these two 83 year olds who happen to be the only living members elected from today's group. Also happy to finally see Buck O'Neil elected posthumously. If you've got 2 hours to kill, here's Kaat's masterful Game 2 win in the '65 World Series...
  5. coolhandgopher

    Anthony Edwards all things awesome thread

    A highlight reel on the court and on the mic:
  6. coolhandgopher

    Greder: Connor Olson, record breaking Golden Gopher

    Andy Greder has a really nice profile on Olson in this morning’s PP, in advance of Olson setting the record for most games started by a Gopher football player later today...
  7. coolhandgopher

    What were you able to enjoy in the prime of its existence?

    I recently lamented that I wasn't born about 10-15 years younger, because then I would have been able to enjoy the glory years of bands like Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, The Who, etc etc and attend concerts for (relatively) dirt cheap costs. Which got me thinking, what have I been...
  8. coolhandgopher

    Let's Remember Some Guys (MN pro sports edition)

    Borrowing from old Deadspin's original series, let's remember some guys from the Minnesota pro sports scene of yore: I loved the way Luis Rivas would turn a double play, I thought he'd be a fixture on the team for years.
  9. coolhandgopher

    Phrases/Word Play That Annoy the &$%# Out of You

    Not sure why this popped in my head today, but I thought I'd go the scientific route and converse with the GH crowd, here's what drives me crazy: * barley pop, in reference to beer * I've hated the Wayne's World inspired "Not!" since its inception into our lives--that it's continued to have a...
  10. coolhandgopher

    NBA Playoffs Thread

    I know some of these conversations are happening in other threads, but I felt it deserved a thread of its own. . . I am LOVING these playoffs--fresh blood, great games, new starts showing up, well built rosters--there's a freshness to these playoffs I haven't experienced in quite some time...
  11. coolhandgopher

    NFL Draft-Will Bateman & St. Juste end the streak?

    So, I've mentioned this in a couple other threads, but as I saw Benjamin St. Juste appearing in a couple mock drafts in the 3rd round, I began digging a little bit into Gopher draft history, found an eye-popping tidbit, and have continued to pull at the thread. If Rashod Bateman and St. Juste...
  12. coolhandgopher

    RIP: Shook G, frontman for Digitial Underground

    Didn't realize how instrumental he was in Tupac's career, actually didn't know how prolific his career was beyond one of my favorite hip-hop/party songs of all time. I saw a tweet that captured it well: in memory, all Burger King bathrooms are closed today.
  13. coolhandgopher

    The Roller Coaster Ride of the Last 24 Hours as a Gopher fan

    Through yesterday afternoon, as I saw an increasing number of portal players choosing teams other than the Gophers, as we were stuck on five players on the roster: Before going to sleep last night and seeing that Parker Fox was committing: Checking the portal page this morning and seeing...
  14. coolhandgopher


    I was like this:
  15. coolhandgopher

    Cashius McNeilly & Emanuel Miller (Texas A&M) both in the portal

    Now that the Theo John/McKinley Wright duo dream has been dashed, let's move onto a bigger and better dream-assistant coach, shooting guard, and big forward who averaged 16 and 8 last year for the Aggies (ohh, and he happens to be from Canada also). He just completed his sophomore year.
  16. coolhandgopher

    March Madness Trivia, Question #10

    Final MM trivia question everyone, at least from me. Whichever team wins tonight's game will bring home the first national championship for that respective program, which is the second straight NCAA tournament where this has occurred (Virginia vs. Texas Tech in 2019). Prior to the last two...
  17. coolhandgopher

    March Madness Trivia, Question #9

    Baylor's return to the Final Four this year was their first trip back since 1950, a span on 71 years between appearances by the program. That stands alone as the second longest span of time between Final Four appearances. Which program lays claim to the longest span of time between FF appearances?
  18. coolhandgopher

    March Madness Trivia, Question #8

    Alright, queue up Tom Petty’s “Even the Losers” while you work out this question... Three programs are tied for having the most losses in a national championship game, at 6 apiece. Name those programs.
  19. coolhandgopher

    March Madness Trivia, Question #7

    Alright, took a bit of a hiatus on the questions, and I'm hoping to reach a nice round number of 10 before the title game tomorrow. This is a two-parter: If Gonzaga wins the title tomorrow night, Mark Few will tie two other coaches with the fewest letters in their name (seven, when you count...

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