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    Rob Reeves

    I noticed that Rob Reeves is no longer listed as the TE coach at Eastern Michigan. Does anyone know if he has taken another position or what the scoop is? I know his family stayed here while he coached at EMU. That has to be a big challenge as a dad.
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    Felony Charges

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    Austin Schirck

    I probably missed something but am wondering why he is not on the roster on Was supposed to be an incoming recruit out of Iowa.
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    Discipline a concern

    I have to admit, I am really concerned about the discipline issues since Claeys took over. On the field, Minnesota leads the Big Ten in penalties yards and number of penalties. If anybody keeps such a stat, they have to be close to leading the nation in targeting penalties. Jack Lynn was...
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    Justin Gaard

    Listened to Justin Gaard on KFAN today. I agreed with some things he said about the coaching situation, but not others. However, one thing I believe that is clear is that he is too emotionally attached to the current staff to have an objective opinion.
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    Claeys and the retention of staff

    One of the reasons I keep hearing why Claeys should be named the permanent head coach is so that he can keep the staff in place. Has anyone checked with the current staff member to see if that is actually the case? These guys were loyal to Jerry Kill. Tracy Claeys is not Jerry Kill. It might be...
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    SJSU Running backs

    Jarrod Lawson and Thomas Tucker are San Jose State's top two running backs. Neither has played this year as one was suspended for the 1st two games and the other was injured. SJSU has been playing a true freshman at RB and with limited success. Lawson and Tucker will both be making their season...
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    2-0 is GREAT, my biggest concern

    Looking at Big Ten stats, Gophers are 14th in total offense and 13th in total defense. Need those numbers to improve.
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    If Leidner can't play….

    I would think that would limit what you can do with Streveler. Watching Streveler in the spring and also based on his reputation coming in, he is much more of a runner than a thrower. In fact, it does not appear that he has a big arm. However, how much of a risk would you want to take with him...
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    Jordan Hinojosa - to North Dakota???

    Not sure if this has been posted before but I saw this on twitter Visiting #UND are CB Alex Tillman (Houston), DL Jordan Hinojosa (Minnesota), and LB Dylan Bakker (West Hills CC).
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    THe worst thing for the program would be for Kill to step down at this time

    If Kill were to step down right now, that would me there is a lame duck staff. That is almost never a good situation. Recruiting would come to sudden halt. And, they would just have one of the assistants take over for the rest of the season - so what's the difference?
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    Defensive Ends.......

    Got worked over today. If Iowa had a good speed back, they would have some really long runs. Can't imagine what James White and Melvin Gordon will do if they have that kind of room. With all the talk about Coackran, I think he is not able to hold up physically against better O-Lieman. I can see...
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    Mick Nelson

    I noticed that Western Illinois has one minnesotan. anybody know of him?
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    Pitino and his 'system'

    I keep reading in posts that certain players will or will not fit into Pitino's 'system.' I am confused about this statement. Since Pitino has yet to coach a game at the Univesity of Minnesota and has only one year as a head coach under his belt. My guess is he has an idea of how he would...
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    Willie Mobley signs with New Mexico State, his 4th college

    signed with New Mexico State today.
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    Kill and MN kids

    I think Kill, at the very least, should recruit the best three Minnesota kids he can get each year. Whoever NDSU is recruiting in Minnesota, he should go after them to find at least two more. If you are beating out players whose other visits are to Army and San Jose State, guys being recruited...
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    13 penalties for 135 yards

    Texas Tech gift wrapped this game with a big huge sloppy kiss by playing terribly undisciplined. Yet, Kill and co. couldn't find a way to win. Ouch!!!!
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    When I see how bad Wisconsin clubbed Nebraska........

    and think about how they dominated the Gophers, it makes me realize how far the Gophers have to go.
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    What happened to Coach Kill?

    Why is Jerry Kill not on the sideline? Is he okay?
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    Give Bret Bielema credit..........

    for having guts. Word has it he fired Mike Markuson, Hamline grad, today. Markuson was the o-line coach.

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