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  1. Taji34

    Markus Allen Commits to the Gophers

    Except now the tweet is deleted?
  2. Taji34

    Current 2023 Scholarship outlook

    But now the tweet is deleted? So did he decommit?
  3. Taji34

    2023 expectations!

    Nebraska - W Eastern Michigan - W @UNC - W @ NW - W Louisiana - W Michigan - Toss up, leaning L at the moment @iowa - W MSU - W Illinois - W @Purdue - W @OSU - Upset W, Michigan is the better team at the moment and this coming year we get some momentum going. Wisconsin - W I'm sure I will feel...
  4. Taji34

    Uniform refresh?

    Not a lot of votes, but clearly fans want throwback uniforms, hopefully we see some next year! Maybe during a home rivalry game like Michigan or Wisconsin?
  5. Taji34

    All Things Transfer Portal News

    He's a grad transfer, so I believe he doesn't have to wait for the portal either.
  6. Taji34

    Rose Bowl given an ultimatum.
  7. Taji34

    Analytics love Gophs...Connelly #16, Sagarin #23, Massie #22

    This Gopher Team is easily a top 25 team, we just underperformed at some key times and it ruined the perception.
  8. Taji34

    Where would you rank Fleck in the new Big Ten West coaching pecking order

    I'd wait to rank Fickell and Rhule, because we've seen in the past that coaching and being successful in one conference doesn't always translate. Prime example might be Bret Bielema. He had a great career at Wisconsin, went to Arkansas and tanked, didn't coach college for a few years, and now...
  9. Taji34

    Coach Burns

    Wait, is this preemptive or was it announced he was leaving the team?
  10. Taji34

    Lots of upsets in Rivalry week this year!

    Mississippi State over #20 Ole Miss NC State over #17 North Carolina Nebraska over Iowa #3 Michigan over #2 Ohio State (technically an upset) South Carolina over #8 Clemson Kentucky over #25 Louisville #21 Oregon State over #9 Oregon Texas A&M over #5 LSU
  11. Taji34

    Le'Meke Brockington Appreciation Thread!!! WOW what a first career TD!!

    He's a redshirt freshman, so after this year we may get 3 more exciting years from him (unless he leaves early for the NFL!)
  12. Taji34

    You do realize if Iowa beats us, they will win the west

    Will @kg21 show their face in this thread again?
  13. Taji34


    Did you miss the offsides in the 1st????
  14. Taji34

    Nebby pounding Iowa

    I can't believe Nebby pulled it off. Glad to see an Iowa loss though!
  15. Taji34

    Fleck has become worse than Kill

    I'm planning to do a full statistical analysis of Fleck and his recent predecessors after the post season finishes so that all the concrete stats are in one place. My gut is the Fleck, while not leaps and bounds better, is still the best coach we have had in modern history and it's better to run...
  16. Taji34

    Navy's Awesome Uniforms for Army Navy Game...NASA Themed!

    This got me thinking, there's the Air Force Academy, US Military Academy (Army), and the Naval Academy, do we get a Space Force Academy? Do they get a football team? What would their mascot be? Who would be their rivals? Anyway, enough of that. Awesome uniforms. Go Navy, beat Army!
  17. Taji34

    That Iowa pick 6 being called back hurt us IMO

    That's true, but it gave Ferentz control of the clock at a moment where we really didn't want him to have control of it.
  18. Taji34

    Wisconsin made a bold move, do we have the nerve to do the same?

    I will say this again, Wisconsin firing their HC may be their "Nebraska firing Bo Pelini" moment. Only time will tell, and I would much rather wait and see how it turns out for them before following them into the fire.
  19. Taji34

    That Iowa pick 6 being called back hurt us IMO

    We all know the play, 4th quarter with a little under 2 minutes to go AK throws an interception that is run back for a pick six, however the sideline ref called the player out of bounds and that's not reviewable (even though replays clearly show the Iowa player did not step out of bounds). What...
  20. Taji34

    ESPN: Building the perfect college football rivalry

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