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    Hoiberg/Nebraska RUMOR

    Seeing some steam on Twitter that USA Today will run a story this week highlighting significant recruiting violations by Hoiberg and staff. Sounds like an assistant, Matt Abdelmassih, may be the focus of the story. I have no inside info, just wanted to pass along and see if anyone else had...
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    Defense Down Low

    Hugley from Pittsburgh had a monster game tonight. Coming into the game, he averaged 14.3 ppg. Had a few good games and a few poor ones, but he dominated our D for much of the game. It was interesting to see the 2-3 zone used by Minnesota on occasion to try to slow him down, with mixed results...
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    OL Appreciation Thread

    This year is unique with all the super seniors and upperclassmen we have along the line. They are all playing tremendously. I wanted to start a thread just so they all get their due. We have all heard by now how we are a service academy based upon the frequency of running. I think we are running...
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    What is the Problem?

    This was a gross, gross football game if you're a Gopher fan. There are numerous issues that reared their ugly head in the BG game. Where do you lay the blame for this one?
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    College Football Playoff: Preseason rankings, 'eye test' unfairly hindering Minnesota

    "The moment we all expected came into fruition on Tuesday night. There’s no need to beat around the bush or bury the lede, the College Football Playoff selection committee, right now, is valuing Alabama’s “good loss” to No. 1 LSU over Minnesota’s great win over No. 9 Penn State. Right now, the...
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    Andy Katz: Richard Pitino has happy homecoming as Minnesota passes early season test

    And that's why he texted Nate Mason 30 minutes before the team departed for the Dunk Monday night. He said he and Mason had been "butting heads" over the last few days. So he told him to come to his room for a chat. It lasted 15 minutes. "I said, 'Nate, you and me have to be on the same page...

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