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  1. PeterMac05

    Penn state trip

    For the Gophs game on October 22 at Penn state, anyone know of any hotels or Airbnbs or anything that will be available? Everything listed that’s available is very bleak.
  2. PeterMac05

    Jaden Henley committed!

  3. PeterMac05

    PJ plus Kirk and Rossi? Pinch me

    Inspiring head coach and recruiter, very impressive looking DC and a historically great OC along with 6th year quarterback and Heisman candidate Running back. Exciting time to be a gopher fan. (Knock on Wood)
  4. PeterMac05

    Front 7 next year?

    one thing that I haven’t seen anyone talk about what our front 7 will look like next year. Who will be our dine? Will Sori Marin come back? Who else do we have at linebacker? Interesting stuff here
  5. PeterMac05

    Loudest Bank

    I was at the game, and I must say it was electric. I ask myself what the loudest part of the game was? Walleys pick comes to mind, same with the field goal. What do you guys think?
  6. PeterMac05


    Princeton just beat Oregon state. They are now 4-1. Considering Oregon state mad a run last year in March, I assume they are still pretty good. That Princeton win is starting to actually look pretty good.
  7. PeterMac05

    The Barn

    I was at the game tonight, great game very fun to watch. The barn was pretty full for a game like this, and it was awesome to see. Obviously the upper deck was pretty empty but it’s expected. It was awesome to hear how loud it got in there especially with all of those recruits in the building...
  8. PeterMac05

    I’ve got a good feeling.

    P.J. Fleck is made for these games. Every time we have a terrible game, we really bring it on the next one. I think this will be the case here. Defense has been playing great, and Iowas offense sucks. Stop Goodson, send pressure at whoever is playing quarterback. The guys will be motivated and...
  9. PeterMac05

    Athan time??

    At this point, if tanner is sucking next game, I would be very interested to throw athan in there, put in about 4 receivers, and air the ball out. It would finally open some running lanes for Potts, and we get to see the golden boy sooner rather than later. Who objects????
  10. PeterMac05

    Potential 2022 starting lineup

    With the addition of Braeden Crarrington to the gophs next season, I am excited again for gopher basketball and go thinking about our starting lineup next year, and man, we could be GOOD. currently, PG: Carrington? Or other recruit SG: Thaim or Carrington SF: Battle or Ihnen PF: Ihnen or Fox...
  11. PeterMac05

    Who will be the star for the gophs next year?

    Every team in college basketball has at least one guy that is above the rest, recently we’ve been lucky to have guys like this every year (Coffey, Oturu, Carr), but who will it be this year? Isaiah Ihnen. The potential has been there for so long, and this year he will break through and...
  12. PeterMac05

    Jackson Purcell will walk on next year for the gophers

    Purcell to Gophers I know he is a walk on but really don’t know about this one guys. 3rd best player on his high school team. Was not very impressed at all after what he did against my high school this year.
  13. PeterMac05

    Very excited

    I will have to admit, I have only been a serious gopher fan for about 3 years now, as I am still pretty young myself, but I don’t ever remember a time where I was this excited about gopher basketball. Maybe after they beat Louisville in the tourney, but right now I am so excited about coach...
  14. PeterMac05

    Who’s next

    It’s been a rough week to be a gopher fan, so let’s get some optimism going. Which transfer is next? Any rumors? Inside info?
  15. PeterMac05

    Gophers land George Washington transfer Jamison Battle

    Gophers land first recruit of the year and the Ben Johnson era has officially begun! Battle averaged 17 last year at George Washington as a sophomore. Battle, a former Delasalle Crusader comes home, and should create an immediate impact as a sophomore next year.
  16. PeterMac05

    Mike Woodson To Indiana

    IU hires former Hawks and Knicks coach Mike Woodson. After talks of getting all of the great lower level coaches they settle for him. Gophers clinch at least 13th in the conference next year (lol).
  17. PeterMac05

    Potential transfer, KyKy Tandy

    Here is a potential transfer that could make an immediate impact for the gophs. From Xavier, coach Johnson coached him last year and potentially recruited him. 247 has him listed as a combo guard so not necessarily the true point, but I’m sure he could do a good job there. Let me know what you...

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