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    Gophers -vs- Tommies

    Check back on this in 10 years. Right now, the game would be a hazard for St. Thomas and their players. So, for right now, hard pass. It will depend on where they are in terms of scholarship football down the road. If the Tommies stay in the Pioneer, it'll never happen. Might be willing to do a...
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    KSTP: Q&A: Former Gophers coach Tracy Claeys on Jerry Kill’s return Thursday, P.J. Fleck, and more; "year zero burns my ass"

    Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to hyping a game. But it is Doogie after all. If he isn't pandering trying to create news, he wouldn't have anything left to do.
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    Kill still bitter on Fleck “As for my personal feelings I’m not taking him to dinner. I’ll tell you that.”; not sure if they’ll be a pregame handshake

    Good lord. Do you read what you write? He won't even shake his hand in the pregame depending on what Fleck does? That's literally the bare minimum that is expected from coaches in athletic contests at almost every level. Yet Kill doesn't know if he wants to do it because, well, Fleck. Of...
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    Kill still bitter on Fleck “As for my personal feelings I’m not taking him to dinner. I’ll tell you that.”; not sure if they’ll be a pregame handshake

    JFC, Kill is the ultimate in being easily offended. Fleck talked about changing the culture in his introductory press conference and Kill has had his undies in a bunch ever since. Even now, he's not sure he'll shake Fleck's hand in pregame? He'll wait to see what Fleck does? Good. Lord. Get over...
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    Chet Holmgren says he'll be the best player in the NBA in 2 months

    Because he said something so utterly and ridiculously stupid that it deserves to be made fun of. Carry on.
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    Countdown To Kickoff 2022: Ohio State Shocks Minnesota, 41-37

    Just one of many embarrassing Gopher collapses over the years.
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    Pitts Pat Narduzzi Thinks if Pitt was in The B1G Pitt Would Win the B1G championship Every Year.

    Implying that the team that beat you in a bowl game wasn't very good doesn't exactly scream endless Big 10 titles. But you do you Narduzzi. :rolleyes:
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    Forde: If everything is negotiable and every agreement is breakable is the Big Ten really committed to keeping Purdue and Minnesota for the long term?

    If I were Forde, I'd pay closer attention to Rutgers and Maryland in that regard. Both were literally saved financially by joining the Big Ten. I'd live to cut bait with both of them and I'm sure there are plenty of conference reps who feel the same.
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    Val Martin

    Guys that don't get playing time and transfer almost always have an axe to grind. That's just the nature of scholarship athletics. Those who leave feel that the reason they didn't succeed is because of some nefarious motive or prejudice by their former coach. But often it is because said player...
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    Chet Holmgren says he'll be the best player in the NBA in 2 months

    Straight up idiotic from a kid whose had people endlessly pump up his tires. He needs to get a clue and once he's in the NBA, I'm sure he'll get one.
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    Gopher Softball 2022

    This team wasn't good enough. Period. Time to look in the mirror and decide what they want to be going forward.
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    NIL Problems Already?

    The NIL is a mess, plain and simple. But so is the NCAA, so the current system is what we're now stuck with.
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    Pitino learned from Fleck, says Lobos are entering "year one" after a "year zero"

    The difference being Fleck has actually achieved something notable at the power-five level following his "year zero". Pitino? We'll see...
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    Alabama football coach Nick Saban says Texas A&M 'bought every player,' questions whether current NIL model is sustainable

    All of this posturing is just one big LOL. After all, let's not forget where these coaches work for goodness sake. Stories of Texas A&M and Alabama's unethical (and at times, illegal) behavior over the decades in the area of recruitment are legendary. And I highly doubt that either of these guys...
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    Texas RB Bijan Robinson has signed an NIL deal with Lamborghini of Austin. 🔥

    Maybe someone can answer this because I honestly don't know: Do these kids have to pay taxes on this stuff? Or do they get some sort of exception, because you know, "amateur status"?
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    Predicting every Big Ten football team’s 2022 record (Minnesota: 8-4, 5-4 BIG)

    Maybe this explains the why the Big Ten struggles in bowl games from time to time. Turns out the conference beats itself more often than it loses to itself. 🤯
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    Top 50 Friendliest Head Coaches In College Football (#27. PJ Fleck, Minnesota)

    What kind of stupidity is this? "Friendliest" coaches rankings? Desperate times call for desperate clicks.
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    Miami basketball player publicly threatens to transfer if his NIL deal is not increased after a new transfer in to Miami got a higher deal

    But I was told that giving these kids all this extra money beyond their scholarships would fix all these problems with corruption in football and basketball. After all, they're virtually slaves just barely getting by. People like Jay Bilas and Ed O'Bannon said so. Oops. Guess not. Carry on!! 🙄

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