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  1. RememberMurray

    The Purdue game is even more important than it might seem!

    This upcoming game is more crucial than it might appear on the surface. To whit: . In the B1G this weekend... • We're playing Purdue, a division rival who went 9-4 last year and has a relatively easy remaining schedule. • Other West rivals: Wisconsin hosts Illinois, Iowa entertains Michigan...
  2. RememberMurray

    Not a betting man, but...

    Oklahoma -11 vs Nebraska? Can I be reading that correctly? I would expect the Sooners to destroy them. 11 points seems way too few.
  3. RememberMurray

    Early Line, W. Illinois vs Minnesota: Gophers -37.5 *** Now up to 40.5 About the same as the New Mexico State line. EDIT: Now up to 40.5 points.
  4. RememberMurray


    Watching on TV, it looked like a nice crowd, and very lively and spirited. Was it anywhere near a sellout?
  5. RememberMurray

    Wisconsin hires Bobby Engram as OC

    Worked for Chryst at Pitt. Currently Ravens assistant.
  6. RememberMurray

    Nebraska lands Texas quarterback transfer Casey Thompson

    Former Texas quarterback Casey Thompson, who started 10 games in 2021, is transferring to Nebraska. Thompson announced his decision Friday on Twitter after visiting Nebraska's campus earlier in the week. He led the Longhorns with 2,113 pass yards and 24 touchdowns with nine interceptions, while...
  7. RememberMurray

    Joe Rossi and the Gopher defense

    In a word: WOW. What a season for them. Hats off.
  8. RememberMurray

    Team Stats comparison, 2021: Minnesota vs. Michigan

    Michigan: the bluest of blue-bloods. The Wolverines are the winningest program in college football history. They just completed a remarkable year in 2021, dominating the B1G. They won the B1G Championship for the first time in 18 long years. They handled their main rivals, the Buckeyes, in...
  9. RememberMurray

    Stability vs Upward Trajectory in the B1G West

    Wisconsin, and Iowa have achieved stability at a respectable level. Their success is laudable, but it seems unlikely they will reach any sort of 'next level up'. I could see either one making an occasional serious run at the B1G Title, but that would appear to be their ceiling. Northwestern has...
  10. RememberMurray

    In theory, our running backs next season

    Assume Mo opts to return, and assume he and Trey are both healthy. In that scenario, our 2022 backs would be: Mo Ibrahim Trey Potts Bryce Williams Bucky Irving Ky Thomas Wow! What a stable of runners. You know what that would mean, don't you? That's right: it would mean GopherHolers would be...
  11. RememberMurray

    VegasInsider: Wisconsin -7

  12. RememberMurray

    Which is most important to you, personally?

    Which of these is most important to you, Gopher fans? — Going to the Rose Bowl — Going to the CFP — Beating both Iowa and Wisconsin in the same season
  13. RememberMurray

    Michigan State (8-0, 5-0) is last in the B1G in Total Defense

    They have given up 424 yards per game.
  14. RememberMurray

    Minnesota-Wisconsin-Iowa-Purdue, down the stretch

    I have a funny feeling that Northwestern might give Iowa a tussle. Wisconsin should handle the trip to Rutgers without too many problems. Purdue hosts Michigan State. Should be interesting!
  15. RememberMurray

    Another House of Horrors in the Top 25 This Week

    #6 Michigan LOST #9 Iowa LOST #10 Ole Miss LOST #12 Kentucky LOST #17 Pitt LOST #19 SMU LOST #20 Penn State LOST #21 San Diego State LOST #22 Iowa State LOST ---------- That's 9 out of Top 25 who lost — 36%.
  16. RememberMurray

    Gopher Defense

    Held Maryland, a pretty decent offense, to 268 yards, 14 first downs, 16 points. Those numbers include 91 yards and 6 points the Terps got on their final drive, which was in 'garbage time'. The Gophers have already faced Ohio State, Nebraska, Purdue and Maryland — 4 of the top 6 most...
  17. RememberMurray

    More bloodletting in the Top 25

    #7 Penn State LOST #8 Oklahoma State LOST #14 Coastal Carolina LOST #18 NC State LOST #25 Purdue LOST
  18. RememberMurray

    Let's all get our dime down: FleckBall

    My definition of FleckBall is: 1) A huge, powerful offensive line, capable at pass blocking but more focused on domination in the run game. 2) Solid, not spectacular, running backs. 3) A QB who understands the RPO intimately, who can run the offense in his sleep, and who is first and foremost...
  19. RememberMurray

    Schedules going forward of West contenders

    IOWA: — BYE — @ Wisconsin — @ Northwestern — MINNESOTA — ILLINOIS — @ Nebraska ---------------------- WISCONSIN: — @ Purdue — IOWA — @ Rutgers — NORTHWESTERN — NEBRASKA — @ Minnesota ---------------------- PURDUE: — WISCONSIN — @ Nebraska — MICHIGAN STATE — @ Ohio State — INDIANA...

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