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  1. XMan

    MN Daily: Fans react negatively to Gophers’ new black, white uniforms

    I prefer school colors. But not a big deal. The players seem to love it. Keep them happy and win. That is fine with me
  2. XMan

    Minnesota football traditions

    The rouser. I prefer the live music from the student band. The field show with the M is great. The wave back and forth by the tunnel as the team enters the stadium is great. I am old so I like ski-u-mah chants over row the boat stuff. :)
  3. XMan

    Minnesota football traditions

    This is always fun to watch
  4. XMan

    Best Gopher team ever

    77 97 82
  5. XMan

    Gopher Basketball Mount Rushmore

    Jim Brewer Mychal Thompson Kevin Mchale Lou Hudson
  6. XMan

    Early Betting Lines

    I was just going to say - we were heavy favorites against Bowling Green. That was a very frustrating day. Hopefully we beat them by more than 38 but I see Fleck running up a lead and letting others get playing time.
  7. XMan

    bad news coming for hoops

    Let’s hope this is the case. If it was a player issue like eligibility or an injury it would have already come out.
  8. XMan

    Shooter: While Gophers open in a 50,805-seat stadium, Ohio State opens in a 104,944 stadium.

    Shooter - writing a lot of nonsense lately Lazy journalism. We all know the seating capacity of the stadiums.
  9. XMan

    Parker Fox injured

    Very bad news. Wishing Parker a quick and full recovery.
  10. XMan

    Coach Thorson breaks down the roster: Gophers Hoops Boasts ‘Junkyard Dog’

    I am intrigued about the comment on Ihnen - how we are going to see a different type of player that we have seen in prior years.
  11. XMan

    Coach Thorson breaks down the roster: Gophers Hoops Boasts ‘Junkyard Dog’

    We are used to Fleck so we hear the word elite quite a bit as well
  12. XMan

    The 2022 Best Restaurant In Every College Town (Minnesota: Toney's Diner)

    This may be a joke. Toney’s diner for Minnesota. Wisconsin not being the Great Dane? Arbys for Alabama?
  13. XMan

    All Things Nolan Winter Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Offered, Son of Trevor)

    Ouch. I don’t know either of you but the response should be interesting. Ha ha
  14. XMan

    Ben Johnson makes it clear: Gophers will be all about ferocious defense; Johnson says Ihnen could be one of the best defenders in BT

    Ihnen has the skills and athleticism to be really good with good coaching. Full confidence he will contribute a lot to the team.
  15. XMan

    Kerwin Walton enters transfer portal

    Are you serious? Walton started for UNC his freshman year. Played way more than Ben l, scores way more then Ben and was a contributor where Ben was not. He then lost playing time to some amazing players on the team that was in the national championship game. Coaching change there had a lot...
  16. XMan

    Royce White

  17. XMan

    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    People keep saying he is a good guy off the court. You don’t flop and cheat that much and be a good guy. You don’t punch people in the groin like that and be a good guy. And worst of all you don’t throw your foot at guys coming down from a shot or try and trip them on purpose and risk serious...

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