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  1. Tlsbhansen

    This is the week Fleck and Co. show they are an Elite coaching staff

    I believe that this week is actually going to be a tougher, more challenging week to prepare for than beating Penn St. I realize Iowa does not have the talent level of Penn St., and their best win of the year is against Purdue but they always seem to rise to the occasion against highly ranked...
  2. Tlsbhansen

    Is there any chance this is a trap game?

    I think we are all expecting a comfortable Gophers victory, and that scares me a bit. I am just wondering if given the weather we may have to rely on our run game...which to date has not been a strong suit. As a Minnesota sports fan, I am always fearing that my expected hopes will be met...
  3. Tlsbhansen

    What area of the program has improved this year?

    I realize from a win/loss perspective we are almost assured to take a step back this year. But when you hire a new coach I would think you expect him to make an impact/improvement in at least some areas in the first year. I am wondering in what areas others think we have improved this year?
  4. Tlsbhansen

    Who will be Fleck's next big recruit?

    He's done a nice job convincing his WMU recruits to follow him and he was able to land Ibrahim, do you think he will be able to flip someone else from a P5 program to help fill up this class?
  5. Tlsbhansen

    Carter Coughlin - Both sides of the story need to be heard

    <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> Sorry, not sure how to post the image, so here is a link to a tweet from Carter. Probably wont, but should make some think twice. I couldn't imagine if it was my son. Sorry if this was already posted.
  6. Tlsbhansen

    Let them hear you: List of email addresses for the board, coyle and kahler

    I am officially done with the University of Minnesota at all levels. 16+ years season tickets for wrestling, 8+ season tickets for football, occasional financial contributor and attender of other U events. I am done and I am letting the jokers in charge know. I encourage everyone to let them...
  7. Tlsbhansen

    For those who want Claeys gone, who is your hire?

    Seems to be a lot of people who want Claeys fired, but wondering who people think Coyle will/could hire that is going to come in and be the savior and bring us to the National Playoffs?
  8. Tlsbhansen

    Recruiting class rankings

    I know negativity is part of the fabric of forums such as GopherHole, but I often see "the sky is falling" posts regarding the "stars" of our recruits and our national class rank. We who have not personally watched a recruit play in a game, seen him at a camp, or met with him and his family...
  9. Tlsbhansen

    Is it time to pull a shirt and start developing a QB for the future?

    In watching this game it is evident there is no future with Leidner at the helm. He looks totally lost and incapable . Locks on one of two receivers and has no touch or accuracy.
  10. Tlsbhansen

    It's Christmas Eve

    What gift (recruit) do you most want to show up under the Gopher tree tomorrow?
  11. Tlsbhansen

    Jim Harbaugh's Michigan jumps into AP Top 25 out of nowhere So when the Gophers beat the 16th ranked Kitties this week, do we jump into the top 25 and should we be ahead of Michigan?

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