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    MSU. NW.

    NW jobbed. At. Every. Turn. utter garbage. Demonstration of referee blatant cheating. Blatant. Big 10 should fire every ref on the floor. Inexcusable.
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    WCCO Football Story

    Anyone see the teaser?
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    Turgeon Schooled RP

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    WI Roster Vs MN Roster

    For some time now, built badgers has repeatedly told us MN recruits better and has a better roster than WI. Jonathon Davis or Jamal Mashburn Jr? Micah Potter or Liam Robbins? Dmitrick Trice or Marcus Carr? Aleem Ford or Brandon Johnson? Nate Reuvers or Eric Curry? ETC ETC ETC Before anyone...
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    Playing Time / Based on BC Game

    It is clear to me that Ihnen, Mash, and Tre all need to play more minutes. Ihnen, other than the 2 FT misses, was excellent tonight. He got a key tip/rebound off the rim late. Mash has "it". Smart, well taught. Appears calm and confident. I am sure he will have Fr moments, however he is a gift...
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    Defense YPG

    According to KFAN this morning, MN is at the bottom for Defense in yards allowed per play. 9.48 In ALL of college FB.
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    St Tommy!!

    Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo approached a witness in a 2017 investigation of criminal sexual conduct involving one of his players before that witness spoke to police or school investigators.
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    How many minutes tonight

    Until Daniel has 3 fouls? I am going with 9.
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    UVA. Auburn

    UVA does not foul. Just like whisky.
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    Stay Classy Badger Fan Wow.
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    Blue Devils Dook.
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    Louisville = $39 Million; MN = Apparel Level playing field indeed.
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    Basis for doing the right thing the right way

    Why would any school not follow the Tar Heel model?’ Folks this proves once and for all the playing field is not and has not been level. I have been ripped over and over for many years for pointing out the obvious only to hear that all teams compete with equal rules and that excuses are for...
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    North Carolina

    On to another Final 4 and not even a sniff of an mention of the largest academic fraud in collegiate sports. Just more praise for Baby Blue and Roy.
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    Observations and Opinions

    1. Gophers were unsure how to attack the zone and trap. Not prepared. 2. Upshaw was the difference. Some good offense and a lot of poor defense. 3. Gophers were killed on the boards. And Reggie is not a great rebounder even when on the court. 4. Coffey understands the game and is really good...
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    MN vs Maryland - 2 Major Differences

    Maryland has a number of really good freshmen. Maryland has a really good head coach. Also - I am tired of seeing the stat regarding 4 of 5 losses by a total of 11 points.
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    Men vs Boys

    Just want to be clear. The team were men the last three games and are now boys again?
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    Dear Tracy

    You didn't deserve to be treated this poorly by your direct bosses. You are a fine man and coach. Your defense was great to watch and well coached and provided many wins. Hold your head high, sir. I wish you nothing but the greatest success in the future.
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    Shut Down Athletcs

    Just shut down the programs. There is no way for TC or any other coach to compete when dealing with this type of crap. I will say it again - the level playing field at U of MN is drastically slanted, in many ways.
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    Cheating Article - Good Read Level playing field?

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