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    Post Game Thread - Gophers Crush Aggies

    Quick recap of my observations: Running game A-. I thought Mo and Potts both could have dinked instead of doinked a few times where a quick sidestep would have lead to more yards and/or touchdowns. Offensive line B+. Their dominance of the NM DL was due more to sheer strength than...
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    Minnesota vs New Mexico State

    I see recent odds have Minnesota as about a 40 point favorite. I believe this is too much for the following reasons: Somewhat inexperienced offensive line. PJ normally does not run up the score. NMSU will have played a game against Nevada. Jerry Kill is a good coach and will make...
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    Early Betting Lines

    WAGERTALK has the Gophers opening LINE at -38 vs New Mexico State. I could understand that line if the Gophers were playing White Bear Lake High School but...........
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    CBS: Why we may be reaching a tipping point for the Power Five to break away from the FBS

    With a break from the NCAA the Power Five schools would need some type of recruiting/compliance rules to keep the playing field level. Be careful what you wish for:)
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    NFL draft predictions for our Gopher players. Bragging rights to the winner.

    AW 3rd Round TJ 5th Round CC 6th Round KM Undrafted
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    2019 College Football Coach Fired/Hired Thread

    On a side note I find it amusing that the coaches that are fired are praised so highly by their former boss(es).
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    The wet blanket

    Luck seems to be one of the few intangibles that tends to even out. Yes, it can be influenced by coaching and training (regarding injuries) but still it is there and it will have an impact. The Gopher's overall depth has improved each year with many of the 2nd-3rd on the chart players playing...
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    Way-Too-Early 2020 Top 25 (Gophers at #13)

    I would be surprised at anything below 20th in AP Preseason Poll.. A look at the final top 15 this year will likely not show enough drop off to exclude them from the 2020 Preseason polls in the 1-20 range. But, that's OK. I would rather be overlooked by the writers than praised ad nauseam.
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    2019 Home and Away Big Ten Scoring

    This DOES NOT take into account strength of opponent - it is raw numbers only, Big Ten games only. TEAM Home Ave Away Ave Diff H-A Ohio State 43.3-12(+31.3) 51.8-10.3(+41.5) A +10.2 Minnesota...
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    Predict the Score Contest: MINNESOTA VS wisconsin

    Either 35-14 Gophers or 17-16 That State to Our East

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