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    Quick look at remaining opponents after week 4

    Purdue - Dealing with some injuries escaped with a narrow win over an FAU team that made a TON of mistakes and stupid plays. We matchup well against them and Rossi does well defending their offense. @Illinois - They look ok. Their game next week against Wisconsin should tell a lot. @Penn...

    Rank the teams in the Big Ten West Heading into Conference Season

    The non-conf season is basically over (a few teams still have a non-conf game to play) so seemed like a good time to take stock of where the teams in the West stand heading into conference play. For what it is worth here is my take: 1. Minnesota - Has yet to play a good team but has...

    Quick Look at Future Opponents After Week 3

    @Michigan State - Getting their butt kicked by Washington (although making it kind of interesting here late in the 4th). Have been less than impressed by MSU any time I have seen them play in the past 2 seasons. They have some playmakers on offense but they are a team we absolutely can beat if...

    Some interesting matchups this weekend in the Big Ten

    Purdue is a small favorite on the road against Syracuse Penn State is a small favorite on the road against Auburn Michigan State is a small underdog on the road against Washington Purdue, Penn State, and Michigan State look like 3 of our tougher remaining opponents so will be interesting to see...

    Quick Thoughts on Future Opponents After Week 2

    Did this last week and the thread seemed to be well received so will do it again. Didn't see as much of the other games since I stuck with ours but here are my quick takes on where things stand after week 2 with our future opponents. Colorado - Air Force rushed for over 400 yards against...

    Quick thoughts on future opponents after week 1

    Western Illinois - Haven't seen them play but not expecting them to put up much resistance in week 2 Colorado - Saw second half of their game against TCU. They look bad, hard to believe that hiring the OC who failed miserably here didn't fix their crappy offense. Michigan State - I am just...

    Morgan and Ibrahim - Career Records Tracking

    Rushing - chasing down Thompson Yawn - 103 yards and another TD for Mo :). TD record is his. Now just a matter of how many more he adds to it. Career Rushing Yards Thompson - 4,518 Ibrahim - 3,570 Mo needs 949 yards to take the top spot Career Rushing TDs Ibrahim - 41 Thompson - 40 Mo breaks...

    Official 2023 Bowl Game Projections by Media Publications

    May 27th - College Football News - Pinstripe vs. Virginia June 2nd - Big Game Boomer - Rose vs. Oregon June 2nd - 247 - First Responder vs. TCU July 26th - Athlon - Quick Lane vs. Central Michigan July 26th - Game Haus - Quick Lane vs. Ohio Augurst 6th - College Football News - Pinstripe vs...

    If messages boards were made into a video….

    Campbell gets mentioned for anyone worried about a Gopher football connection.

    Official SEC Cham...I mean CFP Championship Game Thread.

    Haven't seen one of these so thought it was worth starting one up. Can't say I am overly excited for the Georgia vs. Alabama rematch but I will tune in and hopefully it will be an entertaining game at least. While I don't really care who comes out on top I guess I will be pulling for Georgia...

    1 game in 3 weeks....Blessing or a Curse?

    With our shortened bench I wonder if this long layoff could actually prove to be a positive. Clearly there will be some rust to deal with but this break should have also given guys a chance to rest up after the first 11 games of the year and heal any bumps and bruises that they picked up along...

    Vikings are the Nebraska of the NFL

    Another 1 score game, just unreal at this point how many close games they have played this season.

    Top players in each class over the last few years

    Was listening to Mason on Barrerio's show the other day and he claimed that he and his coaches would rank the players in their recruiting classes after signing day and then again after spring ball and one more time after the season. And he claimed the list would often look very different. So...

    Official 2022 Roster Status - Who is Returning and who is Leaving

    Thought I would try to compile a comprehensive list of which guys with eligibility left are returning and which aren't. Also will list transfers in and out. If there are updates or players missing let me know. Transfers In: (8) Ryan Stapp - DB - Abilene Christian Beanie Bishop - DB - Western...

    Have we officially caught up to Wisconsin?

    There has been a running gag around here about the demise of the Badgers for years. And while I don't think that demise is coming anytime soon, I do think that we have caught up to them after the win on Saturday. 2018 - Dominant win in Madison 2019 - Badgers returned the favor with a win over...

    This board needs to see this Nick Saban Rant

    People will discount it because of the source but could Not agree more with what Sabin says here

    Road Warriors - 11-4 in last 15 Road or Neutral Site Games

    Winning on the road is supposed to be hard....but Fleck's teams don't seem to have that problem. Since 2019 we have played 15 road or neutral site games, 14 of those 15 have come against Power 5 teams (Fresno State being the lone exception). That is a really impressive run of success on the...

    Big Ten West After Week 10

    Going to post this then get out of here for a few days while our die-hard super fans like Boomtime and Hello-World spew their garbage into every thread while they do their victory dance....because you know....they are Gopher fans.....sure...that makes sense..... Anyway. Here is my take on the...

    Game Trailer for Illinois Game

    Production team hits it out of the park again. Very cool.

    Required Viewing For Gopher Fans - Fleck on the new contract

    Take the time to watch this and tell me this is not a guy who plans to be here for a long long time! Stop listening to the media hacks and start listening to what Fleck says, listen to the passion for the area. Obviously nothing is ever guaranteed but take heart and enjoy the fact that we have...

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