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    Our Status in the Big Ten

    I became a Gopher fan much later in life than most of you (well beyond my college years). I didn't move to this state until this century and it took me about 10 years after moving here to become one. It was pretty easy to live in this state without catching Gopher fever as I found that the...
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    I don't know if anyone has brought this up it is

    Before the season started, I said that I thought the 2014 Minnesota team was a comparable for this one in terms of expectations. I thought that team resembled this one in that it was a veteran team with a fairly tough schedule that also included Ohio State at home. As it turns out, the...
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    The polls and the current state of the conference

    A few weeks ago, a number of posters were ticked that the Gophers didn't receive any votes in the polls. Well, now we have plenty of company among our peers. Although 5 Big Ten teams are highly regarded (Top 10 in both polls), no other Big Ten team receives any votes in either poll. So, here...
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    How many conference teams have lost 12 straight to OSU?

    Turns out, not many: just us and Indiana have lost 12 or more straight. Indiana is the clear conference leader though with 26 straight losses. Current conference losing streaks against Ohio State: Illinois (9 games) Iowa (0 games; Iowa won last meeting in 2017) Michigan (8 games) Michigan...
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    A special team award should go to those who stayed

    At this point, we can't have complete confidence that any of our three holdovers right now (Ihnen, Gach, and Johnson) will stay, but if they do, they deserve some sort of recognition for their steadfastness. If they're all here next year, I hope they collectively have fine years. If I'm ever...
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    The Great Sorting Experiment: early evidence from the transfer portal

    Every now and then, you see a "If we could do it over after having more evidence" sports article. You know, these are the ones that say something like "if we could reseed the NCAA tournament" or "if we could redo the NBA draft from several years ago." One of the things I like about the current...
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    Mitchell enters transfer portal

    listed 7 minutes ago on Verbal Commits
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    Replacements for Mashburn

    All right. Now that Mashburn has entered the transfer portal, we should have a thread about possible replacements. My very first name is: Fatts Russell, transfer from Rhode Island - just appeared on the transfer portal First of all, you gotta love the name although it's a bit of a misnomer as...
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    Hey! Look at who is back in the transfer portal and who else just entered it

    Jamir Harris Had a pretty good season (albeit short - 10 games) with American: 20.6 PER, .633 True Shooting Percentage, .472 on threes. Does anyone know of a player who transferred from a school and transferred back to the same school later? He's listed as a grad transfer. Jarvis Omersa...
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    Cleveland State playing at 5:30 CT on ESPNU

    If you're interested in watching Dennis Gates' current team, Cleveland State is playing UW-Milwaukee in the Horizon League semifinals tonight on ESPNU. I never heard of this guy until less than two weeks ago but, since he's mentioned as a top contender for our unannounced coaching position, I...
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    Conference Shooting Percentage Rankings by Year for Pitino Teams

    Below are the conference rankings by year (in-conference play only!) of Pitino's eight teams. As you can see, the rankings for overall field goal percentage, 2 point field goal percentage, 3 pointer percentage, and free throw shooting are displayed. At various times throughout this season...
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    Early Sagarin ratings have us #53

    Yes, it's a bit early to drag out quantitative team ratings, but, for what it's worth ---- Sagarin has us #53 in DI, ahead of Iowa (#60), Rutgers (#74), Nebraska (#100), and NW (#119) in the conference. Our schedule is ranked as the 32nd toughest exceeded only by Michigan State in the...
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    Gophers average 13.9 pts. over ATS in Big Ten season

    I don't know if anyone has posted this yet, but here are the Gophers' performances against the spread in Big Ten play: 28-Sep Away Purdue 2 W by 7 9 (exceeded spread by this amount) 5-Oct Home Illinois -14 W by 23 9 12-Oct Home Nebraska -7.5 W by 27 19.5 19-Oct Away Rutgers -28.5 W by 35...
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    outrageous big ten football predictions!

    The latest from Athlon: Minnesota wins Big Ten West! Not sure I'd go as far as the author, but I do agree with the author's point that Minnesota probably deserves more hype and Nebraska less.
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    To my fellow Pitino "haters"

    Please excuse my presumptuousness in speaking for us as a group. Many of us wanted him gone. We all know the reasons why so there is no reason to rehash them here. As far as this season, the question is: Did Pitino do enough to save his job? I think the answer is a clear "Yes." The team...
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    Which bowl?

    I''m guessing either the Pinnstripe or the Redbox (former San Fransisco bowl).
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    Tanner Morgan is 2nd in Big Ten QB rating

    Virtually tied with Michigan's Shea Patterson who is a fraction of a point behind at 3rd place. #1 is, no surprise, Dwayne Haskins. Of the QBs listed, Morgan is #1 in Yards per Attempt (by a pretty comfortable margin actually). Source...
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    No line yet on Friday's game

    Apparently the odds makers are a little nervous about picking a line for this matchup. Every other Big Ten game (except Nebraska vs. Bethune-Cookman) has one.
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    No time for despair

    In 6 of the most recent 7 seasons the Gophers lost their first conference game. They made a bowl game in 5 of the 6 seasons prior to this one, though. When we looked at the conference schedule prior to the start of the season, this game looked doubtful and probably wasn't one most felt we had...
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    Pitino's buyout: $4.05 million

    That was reported in a Strib article within the last week exploring the dimensions of terminating Pitino, Lucia, and Stollings. long is the payout period?

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