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    Minnesota vs New Mexico State

    I see recent odds have Minnesota as about a 40 point favorite. I believe this is too much for the following reasons: Somewhat inexperienced offensive line. PJ normally does not run up the score. NMSU will have played a game against Nevada. Jerry Kill is a good coach and will make...
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    Early Betting Lines

    WAGERTALK has the Gophers opening LINE at -38 vs New Mexico State. I could understand that line if the Gophers were playing White Bear Lake High School but...........
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    2019 Home and Away Big Ten Scoring

    This DOES NOT take into account strength of opponent - it is raw numbers only, Big Ten games only. TEAM Home Ave Away Ave Diff H-A Ohio State 43.3-12(+31.3) 51.8-10.3(+41.5) A +10.2 Minnesota...

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