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    Gopher 22-23 Transfer Portal Needs/Watch List

    With the Gophers 22-23 team now with a total of 9 players (possibly 8 if another rumored transfer occurs) coming in for next season, the team will without a doubt be looking to hit the Transfer Portal HARD! Now I wouldn’t say I’m overly confident that they will bring in an All-American or this...
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    22 Observations of Minnesota Gophers WBB Team Going into 2022 Two-Part Article, with 11 positives and 11 areas of opportunity. This is Part 1, its free and doesn't require a subscription. "The 21-22 season opened for the Gopher Women’s basketball team...
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    2021-2022 Predictions

    Is it too Early for predictions on the season? I think there is a lot of POTENTIAL with this team. However, I will say there are red flags that they either need to address, have improvement in or try and negate with the other positives. This is also my predictions with a healthy team this...
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    End of Season/Current Program Fan Grades

    I will be doing a recap of the season along with a look ahead to next season and a program recap kind of thing for Jr-All Star coming up here in a few weeks and wanted to get fan input. Kinda looking for where fans are grade wise in certain areas of the program. I did it this way as can usually...
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    3rd Quarter Achilles Heel

    I will admit, I have tried being positive and looking for things to cheer on with this year's team. Yes this has been a messed up season with covid, game changes, and all that and I understand that. However, the third quarter issues confuse me and I can't come up with a reason why it happens...
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    Jr-All Star Podcast

    This is a podcast that discusses WNBA, NCAAW, and AAU basketball. Its a free Video/Podcast at this time. This one talked about #1 team in country, who should be early season freshman of the year and more. Not sure what topic to put this under. Its more national and conference discussions at this...
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    Minnesota Daily: Sissoko " Her length and versatility could prove vital to the Gophers this season, who will need to fill two spots in the starting lineup after the departure of Jasmine Brunson and Taiye...
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    Local Recruiting Grade

    I am curious when I look at local recruiting that I see its a topic myself and a good amount of people on here talk about. This is simply about LOCAL recruiting, not recruiting overall. I am curious where people view Whalen, Carly and the staff to date. With for sure 1, possibly two local kids...
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    Local 2021 Recruits. Will Gophers get another?

    With Kneepkens committing to Utah, the 2021 pool for Minnesota Kids is essentially down to possibly 3 for the Gophers. Adalia McKenzie, Sophie Hart and Ellie Dague. As tomorrow enters a week long shut down for recruiting, curious where people predict Minnesota lands in the lottery for these...
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    Kadi Sissoko Starting?

    I've some people go back and forth thinking where they feel Sissoko will be starting and if she will be starting? Curious as of right now (possibly way too early) people feel she will be in 20-21 if there is a season.
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    2020 Minnesota State Tournament (and Recruits)

    This Wednesday is the start of the 2020 Minnesota State Girls Basketball Tournaments. I pulled the schedule from Star Tribune but figured can list what Gopher Recruits will be playing and when for people to watch. Will be nice to see some play on Williams Arena Floor early before becoming...
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    Taiye Bello

    Article on Jr All-Star GBB on Taiye ".....After the earlier mentioned two rebound game in the season opener, she has followed that up with five straight double-digit rebound games, culminating in her season high fourteen...
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    2019-2020 Big Ten Predictions

    With the media week starting next week and the start the of the 19-20 NCAA Women's basketball season under 3 weeks away, figured would be an okay time to start a predictions thread. here are mine for the Big Ten Season and the awards. I put "Honorable mention" list for players I also...
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    Prediction of first loss

    With the team 9-0, I'm curious as when people/fans think the team will or if the team will suffer its first loss. I listed the next 6 games and put other. If other is the choice, put in the comments what game you think it will be or put if you think the team will go undefeated (wishful thinking...
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    Women's Final Four

    Minneapolis will host the 2022 Women's Basketball Final Four. Can Whalen build a program to make it there in 3 seasons?
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    2022 Recruiting

    Since we have class of 2020 and 2021, figured never too early to post class of 2022. Only two Minnesota offers I am aware of is -Maya Nnaji-Hopkins-6’2 Forward -Amaya Battle-Hopkins-Hopkins-5’7 Guard Looks like Bueckers will have some young guns to help her try and get that state title...
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    Gopher 2018-2019 Non-Conference

    I do apologize if this thread has already been started but I couldn't find it... Any other gopher season ticket holder get the email yesterday afternoon about the first game? Friday November 9th vs. New Hampshire-looked on UNH website and its their season opener as well. so to recap what we...
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    Gopher 2018-2019 Lineup Thoughts

    Now that the season is over and we have a quick time to reflect on the season, I think they really exceeded expectations. My hope is that we don’t follow the same direction after Stollings’ first NCAA tournament where they went to WNIT then nothing. I think the biggest question going into next...
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    Banham/Wagner Comparison

    I was having a discussion with other gopher fans over the weekend in Indiana and one of them asked me if in my opinion, I thought that Wagner's career would be considered more of a successful one that Banham. They said Carlie will have after this year went to the NCAA twice in her four years and...
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    Paloma Gonzalez

    heard today through a source from team that Gonzalez is leaving the University of Minnesota this Friday (after she finishes the semester) to head back home. Sounds like a mixture of home sickness and not liking how coaching staff went about things. Sounds like didn't like getting yelled at or...

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