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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    Even if she "won" the law suit, can't imagine there is a school anywhere that would hire her with her background of "issues".
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    Loyalty Program selections begin on Monday, July 25

    Loyalty program event selection begins on Monday, July 25. Season ticket holders should have received an email with more information on Wednesday. Note that the Gopher insider event for women's basketball will be one (1) pre-game event during the season. In the past, there have been two -...
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    Dave Thorson - Recruit for a Day

    Recruit for a Day is a loyalty program event. You do need to select it as one of your choices when you select loyalty program events each year. The 2022-2023 selection process will begin in late July based on some other information I've seen. While all events are available for selection by...
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    Sara Scalia enters the transfer portal

    And, in many ways the transfer portal seems to mirror the "Great Resignation" in the job world following two years of COVID. Everyone looking for ways to move on to something else, even if the grass turns out not to be greener elsewhere.
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    NCAA Tournament Games 2022

    That story also shows just how strong the pipeline of home grown Minnesota players is. There are more than can ever stay home. It also show how important in-state recruiting can be. Marlene Stollings was a failure at even trying that in her time here - and it does take time for Whalen's staff...
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    Big Ten women's tourney tickets

    Flying to Indy is always pricey. Not a hub for anyone, so your options are limited, particularly if you want to fly non-stop from MSP.
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    Big Ten women's tourney tickets

    If you ordered tickets through the University of Minnesota for the tourney, watch for an email today coming via the Indiana Pacers/Ticketmaster. It contains your electronic tickets. Don't assume it is junk and delete it!! It also has a contact in the U of M ticket office in the email if you...
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    B1G Game 18: Gophers Visit Penn State (2-27-22)

    Two great wins at the end of the season when we really needed them for Big Ten tourney seeding. Now, let's keep the run going in Indy. And, win on the road is ice cream for the team - a long standing tradition!
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    B1G Game 18: Gophers Visit Penn State (2-27-22)

    Keep going strong, ladies! We don't want to have to play on Wednesday!!
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    B1G Game 17: Gophers Host Illinois (2-24-22)

    And, isn't that about the saddest commentary on the "use and power" of social media. Some folks seems to look for the negatives and post away. And, then choose to ignore anything good that happens.
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    B1G Conference Games 2021-22

    Thanks for that correction! I knew Penn State was playing on Monday and spaced out on that. I'd say Michigan State will beat them, but nothing is certain in the Big Ten right now!
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    B1G Conference Games 2021-22

    Good news tonight as it appears everyone below us did lose this weekend. So, we're hanging on to the #10 seed (and not playing on Wednesday) in the Big Ten tourney. Really need to win our last two games now!
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    B1G Game 16: Gophers Visit Nebraska (2-20-22)

    Might be my imagination, but I don't think Strande has been on the bench at the Rutgers game or this one.
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    B1G Game 15: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-17-22)

    Brutal. Only LBK seemed to have energy for the whole game. We're playing on Wednesday in the Big Ten tourney if this keeps up. The teams below us are now racking up wins while we lose. Got to come back against Nebraska, which will not be easy. I agree with the TRAP game theory, as well.
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    B1G Game 13: Gophers Visit Iowa (2-9-22)

    She has been sporting a knee brace all season.
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    Proof of vaccination requirement ends on February 9 and will not be extended

    Proof of vaccination and photo ID no longer required as of February 10. Masking requirement remains in place. See the link:
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Visit Indiana (2-3-22)

    And, the team did stay in Bloomington overnight due to weather conditions there. Stay safe and warm until you come home, ladies!
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Visit Indiana (2-3-22)

    Could be one of those games where we don't get home tonight. Supposed to snow all day in Bloomington and that winter storm is really smacking that part of the midwest. Stay safe, Gophers!
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    Signings 2022 Class

    And those recruits can also say "I see lots of opportunities to jump in and make this team better". They aren't going to break letters of intent.
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    Vaccine mandate or proof of negative tests Gopher games

    And, here's the U of M policy announced today - goes into effect on January 26. Runs through February 9 but could be extended. Short take - proof vaccination or negative test within 72 hours required for any indoor event of over 200. Masking requirement stays in effect, as well. Here's a...

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