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  1. WHB Brewer

    Offensive Juggernaut

    46yds vs 262yds Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. WHB Brewer

    Helmet stickers?

    Whenever happened to awarding helmet stickers? Never see them Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. WHB Brewer

    Band was defeated today

    Why bring out the giant drum at halftime is nobody is going to hit it? Just had some folks dance around and pretend. Disappointment
  4. WHB Brewer

    Good Humor

    Did a simple search on this board, and found some good humor. Imagine the time around one year ago. The ship was taking on water fast. The GH camp was divided among the "Webber is not the problem" to the "play Gray" folks. Many simply wanted to see Gray (or Allipate) play more, even if it...
  5. WHB Brewer

    All important question

    What happened the Rose Bowl Turf? Did Brew take it with him? or Did we destroy it to exorcise all painful memories it represents?
  6. WHB Brewer

    My take on the "Killer" hire (beware it is long)

    I'm going on record as being satisfied with Jerry Kill as the new Gopher Head Coach. After thining more about it over the past 18hrs, here is my take. I'm happy they picked a guy with a winning background who has done it the right way building several programs, and winning while doing so. I...
  7. WHB Brewer

    Welcome Jerry Kill

    With all the negative posts, I want to be one to post a positive welcome message to our new coach. I am happy to see that we got a coach with a winning background, who has worked his way up over the years. This demonstrates to me a track record of success. This is definitely a step in a new...
  8. WHB Brewer

    Another Brew record?

    Going out on a limb here (a real stretch), but assuming we lose to Iowa...... Will Brewster be the only coach in Gopher history to never win a trophy?
  9. WHB Brewer

    who cares about the uniforms....

    WIN A $%#@&! GAME! It's unbelievable the amount of time and effort Brew has spent on how the team is dressed on the field. There is 2 posts (now 3) dedicated to what they are wearing today. I could care less what they wear, even the gawd-awful colors of the Wacker era. they will look good...
  10. WHB Brewer


    I bleed maroon and gold, but after watching 3 straight debacles, I felt that I needed to take a week off for my own sanity. A pal and I went up to Collegeville to attend the Tommie vs. Johnnie game. My pal is a former Johnie player, I'm a graduate of UST. The built in friendly rivalry added...
  11. WHB Brewer

    Offense identity???

    What is the identity of this offense? I've been trying to figure it out, and it just baffles me. Brewster came in preaching Spread, Spread, Spread. By the end of year 2, we fire the O-Coordinator, then preach the "Power Running Game". That lasted all of one game (last year's bowl). This...
  12. WHB Brewer

    Thoughts on Coaching Decisions

    1. Why did we "defer" when we won the coin toss? It seems that after last week's offense breakout performance, we should have wanted the ball in that situation. The weather was perfect, so there really was no reason to favor one direction vs the other. 2. Why didn't we kick deep after the...

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