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    Welcome new GopherHole members, please introduce yourself!

    -Graduated from U of M Grad School 2011. -HS Coach and general football fan. -Big Gopher fan (only really follow Football and Basketball) -Infrequent poster, but avid reader! -Moniker is after Jedd Fisch's tagline on his playbook - Go-Pher Touchdowns - dude was one of a kind. Glad to be here!
  2. GopherTouchdowns

    Portal - Potential Incoming players?

    Maybe Pickney can do some recruiting for us. Get a Clemson portal pipeline going...
  3. GopherTouchdowns

    Jerry Kill - New Mexico State

    After touting "staff continuity" through several coaching changes, it will be interesting to see if he can coax any of this old staff members back. Most are in better places than NMST. Here is where his original 2011 Gopher football staff is now: Tracy Claeys Defensive Coordinator - Retired...
  4. GopherTouchdowns

    Minnesota High School Football Section Championship Matchups

    Also, mplsgopher - obviously pay? I have coached hs football at a few places - all have had a district contracted salary that have all been very similar. I guess some guys could profit off of youth camps, etc but all of the HC I worked with paid us for our time and then put the rest back into...
  5. GopherTouchdowns

    Minnesota High School Football Section Championship Matchups

    I do think one school districts make is easier to fundraise, upgrade facilities, etc because you don't need to worry about equality with the rest of the district (ie Blaine can't get a stadium upgrade unless Coon Rapids, Anoka, etc get one). I think districts with growth also have an...
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    Minnesota High School Football Section Championship Matchups

    When Dave Nelson comes back... jk - they had success in the past 10-15 years. They just lost the consistency. What are the 5 best HS football coaching jobs in Minnesota? My thoughts (in no particular order) Lakeville South Lakeville North St. Michael Albertville Wayzata Eden Prairie
  7. GopherTouchdowns

    Sauter Resigns

    That's a tough job. Sioux Falls, Augustana, UMD, Mankato, Winona are all better jobs. Lasting 12 years is pretty amazing.
  8. GopherTouchdowns

    Minnesota High School Football Section Championship Matchups

    I think you see enough #5/#6 seeds win that you can't cut playoffs teams off at .500. It should be sections of 8. You play everyone in your section + one crossover game. Seed teams 1-8. 1/2 Seeds get a bye. 7/8 seeds play each other for a single playoff game and then done.
  9. GopherTouchdowns

    Northwestern, Nebraska Will Play in Ireland to Open 2022 Season

    Would you give up a home game against NW to play an overseas game? Keeping in mind the possible recruiting pitch we could use to that you'll get to travel to Europe, etc.
  10. GopherTouchdowns

    Minnesota to hire Paul Haynes as cornerbacks coach

    Anyone who has head coaching experience is a great addition. They can help with more 'program wide' decisions and may have experience dealing with situations that Coach Fleck has not. Regardless of his HC record, his experience is great!
  11. GopherTouchdowns

    Fleck on Annexstad: “probably a week away from actually being 100 percent”

    I think in order to play a "role similar to what Taysom Hill had" you have to have a skill set that is unique to the starting QB. I don't see Annexstad bringing anything that Morgan can't. (Unless you are looking to just take some hits off Morgan some).
  12. GopherTouchdowns

    Can we envision a Gophers' Top 20 Recruiting Class ?

    Brewster also was friends with Tom Lemming and was able to "help" himself look better. The percentage of his 2008 top 25 class that finished their career here? 66%
  13. GopherTouchdowns

    These 3 Big Ten teams could have a Northwestern-like fall in 2020 (Iowa, MSU, Minnesota)

    FAU will be down with Lane gone. I still see 10-2 or better as a legit possibility with a decent cross over schedule again (Michigan, Michigan State, Maryland).
  14. GopherTouchdowns

    Longtime Minnesota prep football coach Dave Nelson announces retirement: "I’d like to go to some Gophers games."

    As a former assistant coach under Dave Nelson, let me tell you a few things: Saturday Schedule: 6:00 am - 7:30 am - Review film with coaches from previous nights game 7:30 am - 9:00 am - Review film with players 9:00 am - 10:00 am - Run/Lift with Varsity 10:00 am - Noon - JV Game 1:00 pm -...

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