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    Highwater Mark For Metro Football Playes in the Big Ten?

    Six metro players made 1st, 2nd or 3rd-team all Big Ten. Certainly the highest number that I can recall. Have there been other years with such strong metro representation? Minneapolis North - Tyler Johnson (1st Team/2nd Team) Park Center - Amani Hooker (1st Team) Eden Prairie - Carter...
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    The Conference Schedule This Year Was Not Easier Than 1999 or 2003

    1999, 2003, 2014 and 2016 are the last 4 times the Gophers have won 5 conference games in a season. For those that think this year isn't a substantial accomplishment because the Gophers had an easy conference schedule, the same could be said of 1999 and 2003. There is scant difference between...
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    ? re 6 or 7 Home Lossess

    I don't expect Brew to go 0-7 at home this season, but I'm thinking that 6 home losses in 1 season might be a Big Ten Record, and 7 home losses would surely be a Big Ten record. Has any other Big Ten team ever lost 6 or 7 games at home in 1 season. Maybe NW? Anyone else?
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    2007 Class Tells Us What About Brewster/Staff

    Small overachieved big time. Many others underachieved or left. Has anyone else overachieved from the '07 class? What does the '07 class tell us about Brewster? I certainly agree that he was hired too late to get many highly rated kids (not his fault), but what does the '07 class say about...
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    More on BT Championship Turnarounds

    The other thread on turnarounds was interesting, so I took the idea back to 1960. For coaches who started in the Big Ten since 1960, i.e. the last 50 years, if they were ever going to win a Big Ten championship, it usually happened by year 4, though there are 2 YR 5s, and 1 Yr 6. If Brew...
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    Gopher FB Versus Iowa BB

    Iowa BB, with an experienced HC is what the bottom looks like. Gopher FB, with the recruiting-driven TB, is what a poised-to-improve program looks like (even if I have my doubts about TB). The near total lack of talent on the Iowa BB team stands in stark contrast to the young talent on the...

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