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    Gopher Sports: Top Five Performances In Gopher History

    The disconnect between the Gophers’ cavalcade of stars and lack of team success is striking. For a team with 0 Big Ten titles, the worst aggregate Big Ten Tournament record, and only 6 AP Poll finishes, the Gophers have an amazing collection of college superstars.
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    2022-2023 Season Starting Lineup & Comparison to 2021-2022 Roster

    Hoping Zie is a late bloomer, but skepticism seems in order. The combination of her crazy high field goal percentage (67.9% and 71.2% in conference play), and pitiful free throw percentage (55.9% and 48.6% in conference play) suggest she physically over matched her junior college opponents at...
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    Target Center to host B1G Tournament in 2023 and 2024

    The Iowegians are coming? Clark drove the viewership numbers on the Big Ten Network this year. Can she do the same for attendance at the WBB tourney in Minneapolis?
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    Carly Thibault-Dudonis Named Fairfield Head Coach

    I understand that there is a convention to how announcements of coaching hires are written, but the Fairfield announcement deserves credit for its audacity. I've made some suggested edits for clarity, which can reviewed for accuracy. In four seasons at Minnesota alongside newly-minted Naismith...
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    Sconiers Enters Transfer Portal

    known Class 2020 offers: Thanks for this info.
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    Sconiers Enters Transfer Portal

    A reasonable question on its face, and perhaps the '22 class will disappoint, but the question suffers from relying on the outlier ESPN ranking of the 2020 class, which was based on an outlier ranking of Alexia Smith. ESPN had Smith at # 46, before dropping her to #68 in their final rankings...
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    B1G Tournament Game 1: Gophers Versus Northwestern (3-3-22)

    Northwestern will be motivated. A loss to the Gophers might knock them out of the NCAA tourney.
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    B1G Game 14: Gophers Host Northwestern: Rescheduled (2-11-22)

    Team is playing much better with no Powell and far less Sissoko.
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    Lee, Czinano and Haiby is a pretty impressive trio from the same recruiting class.
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    A little bit like 1986 versus Iowa. Time for a victory by an undermanned squad.
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    New Football Schedule.

    Agree. Since PJ arrived, it seems like Iowa has been more amped up for the Gophers.
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    Hole Poll: What grade would you give the Gophers 2021 football season?

    Will be interesting to see how the results compare to the post-regular season results (below). For me, beating a poor WV team does nothing to move the needle. A Votes: 8 4.4% B Votes: 129 70.5% C Votes: 45 24.6% D Votes: 1 0.5%
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    Game 14: Gophers Visit Drake (12-23-21)

    MNGirlsHoops: I know you were optimistic about this season, but it seems like you may be falling off the Whalen bandwagon, or at least holding on for dear life. Going forward, what is a realistic Big Ten record for this season?
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    Hole Poll: What grade would you give the Gophers Class of 2022 recruiting class?

    247 says 10th in the league. 10th or 11th seems like a C, though I do love the D-lineman from PA.
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    Academic All B1G

    The academic turnaround under Kill was great, and the even greater success under PJ is nothing short of astonishing. Before that, the Gophers spent several decades usually toward the bottom of the Big Ten in terms of football academic success. And now the Gophers are in Northwestern territory...
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    If the Gophers had beat Illinois and Bowling Green...

    Agree we’re better than Iowa this year, and should have won in Iowa City, but disagree on 2019. Iowa won both lines of scrimmage in 2019 (won neither in 2021). Epenesa was a beast in 2019 (Iowa had 6 sacks), and Iowa scored touchdowns on its first three possessions. That was not a fluke loss...
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    Have we officially caught up to Wisconsin?

    If All Big Ten teams matter (and perhaps they do a little for recruiting), the answer today is that the Gophers have not caught up to Wisconsin or Iowa, who both are very well represented on the all conference teams. Minnesota not so much.
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    All-Big Ten

    My guess is not playing 4 teams impacts the coaches more than the media. The media is more inclined, I suspect, to study the league as a whole.
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    Game 3: Gophers Host George Washington (11-14-21)

    By her senior year, Smith wasn’t that highly rated by most evaluators. By the fall of 2020, when the Gophers introduced her as a 5-Star, that was false hype that needlessly raised expectations. Her senior year HS ratings were as follows: ASGR 126; Blue Star 152: Prospects Nation 121; ESPN 68...
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    Fleck extension makes the Johnson hiring more logical in hindsight

    Pitino was not a hot commodity coach when hired. He had been a head coach for 1 year, and he was just over 30 years old. Very different than where Monson was when he was hired.

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