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    oops -- wrong forum

    this thread wants an nil deal or it will move to a different forum.
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    Guess the Twins # of Regular Season Win and lord it over all others

    bro, don’t take yourself or your post so seriously, it was a finely written poll, just having some fun. and I’ll take a years supply of turtle wax, no idea what I’ll do with it but free is free!
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    Top 50 Friendliest Head Coaches In College Football (#27. PJ Fleck, Minnesota)

    ol' jer' is a ball coach. it's who he is, it's in his blood. he turns boys into men and football is his vehicle. in no spot does it list ol' jer' as a friend or friendly coach. he's a sonofabitch, but he is a mentor to the boys. when big game boomer puts its list out for which coach turns boys...
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    Guess the Twins # of Regular Season Win and lord it over all others

    poorly written poll, i voted 70+ because i think we'll get more than 70 wins. i play to win, i play price is right strategy.
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    And now Emilien joins the list in the portal

    i imagine bucky and douglas both said "i committed to coach fleck, the coach coaching me now looks nothing like coach fleck that i committed to"
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota Vikings Off-Season Thread

    the Frazier tweet is a spoof, come on, change your best. no chance that was real
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    The Ben Johnson Hire vs. Comparable Hires

    wow rough start for craig smith. was this expected?
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    All Things Jayden Moore Recruitment Thread (Class of 2026, Hopkins HS)

    i've seen jayden play in aau and for hopkins. gophers might as well offer now, kid is high major blue blood type of recruit. i believe we offered tyus right after 8th grade season, no reason to wait longer than that for moore.
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    All Things 2021 Minnesota Vikings In-Season Thread

    great question. this entire game was so embarrassing. clean house

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