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    Blaise Andries

    Dolphins as UDFA per pro football focus
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    Questions from a gopher fan that doesn't follow basketball

    1. How many big ten games do you expect Gophers to win? 2. How many big ten games do we need to win to make the ncaa tournament 3. Do you think the program is heading in the right direction
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    NFL releases combine invite list Gophers have two players on the list. Bateman and St-Juste Interesting they released a list because I dont think there will be a traditional combine this year because of Covid.
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    NDSU football getting creamed right now by the Salukis

    38-7 4th quarter. Snaps 39 game JV winning streak. Please post your "Who Cares" replies in this thread.
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    2020 Season ticket renewals?

    Who is back for next year or new season ticket holder for 2020? Im out. Talked it through with my wife and just to many cheaper options to get tickets to games. Plus I only made it to three games this year. I had season tickets for five years and it was a blast but 2019 was the last year for...
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    Lee Corzos mascot pick

    No chance he picks Gophers. Hasn't picked us all season. Why start now?
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    Time for the U to recognize the broken chair trophy

    I care more about this rivalry than the stupid forced rivalry with penn state
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    Question for Fleck Critics

    I always love a skeptic. Thats sincere and not sarcasm. When Fleck got hired I remember alot of people upset that Flecks RTB was on team uniforms. Wondering how critics and skeptics feel about that now? Someday when Fleck is no longer coaching at Minnesota we will look back at these games with...
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    XFL 2020 draft player pool leaked online. 3 Gophers listed

    David Cobb Kj Maye Jonathan Celestin Draft is next Tuesday and Wednesday
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    We better win at least 8 this year.

    I was the guy who wanted to sign Fleck to a 10 year extension last year. Yeah I still do. If we don't win at least 8 games alot of the blame should go on PJ for underperforming with talent. That said I still think we win at least 8.
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    rashod bateman

    I think he is better than Tyler Johnson. What does the rest of the Gopher faithful think.
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    Miles Fleming Commits to Gophers!

    Fleck just tweeted the signal. Who is it gonna be?
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    3 new bowl games to begin in 2020-21 season. record 84 teams will play in bowl game

    From FBSSchedules: Boston’s Fenway Park will host a college football bowl game matching teams from the ACC and American beginning in 2020, Brett McMurphy of WatchStadium has reported. The Boston bowl game will be one of three new bowl games following the 2020 college football season, joining...
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    Transfer portal website link. Use to view players trans to and from Minnesota Gophers

    Some of you probably knew about this. I didn't before today. Can also be used to view transfers from other schools:
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    2019 Gopher NFL Draft preview

    From Gopher Sports: The 2019 NFL Draft starts tonight and Minnesota has a handful of hopefuls who will be listening intently for their name during the next three days from the dais in Nashville, Tenn. The following former Gophers from last year's team recently participated in Minnesota's Pro...
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    Gophers vs Western Illinois 9/10/2022

    completes 2022 schedule
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    Matt Simon Tweet

    I dont know how to link the tweet if someone else can help but here is the text. Over the past 5 years numerous Minnesota Preps went on to the Power 5 level. Statistical Leaders Last Year: TACKLES: Blake Cashman SACKS: Carter Coughlin RECVNG REC,YDS,TD: Tyler Johnson OLINE STARTS: Conner...
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    What Away game 2019 would you attend

    Wife wants to move back to Fargo :( I dont want to but I finally agreed to. Dont worry. Keeping season tickets As a compromise we get to go to one away game a year. Where should we go this fall?
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    NCAA grants waiver allowing QB Justin Fields to play for Buckeyes in 2019

    From ESPN. Why can't we get these waivers and OSU can:
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    12/24 Predict height Gopher womans ap ranking at any point this year

    Predict highest ap womens basketball ranking at any point this year

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